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Rules :
1)minimal posting without a photoshop submission.
2)Only one submission per round. (You can change or continue working on a photo tho. Just don’t post 10 different things at once hoping for a winner)
3)last rounds winner supplies the photo
4)likes don’t matter we vote at the end.
5)Have fun, its just for lolz
6)Whomever post the challenge photo picks challenge length. Posts voting poll at end of time frame.
(I’ll be posting first photo shortly)

vote here PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE (round 2!)

round 2 PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE (round 2!)


Lets give the first round 2 weeks?
We’ll gauge if we need to extend or shorten it round 2.
Challenge ends the 6th of February.

This photo has made its rounds on the site.
Fitting first photo challenge. Lol sorry @psychotiller
(I didn’t ask his permission so quickly make something before he sees this trolololz)






I’m sorry @Skunk you can just end round 1 here.

This is simply too good. LOL.


I feel like this might be too much, may need witness protection :slight_smile:


On a meepo !!.. I did not dare ^^


Have you guys ever seen Tiller’s actual garden?


Great stuff so far guys. This is gonna be a fun thread. Lolz


O.M.F.G @mmaner you’re brave!


Who is this @mmaner you speak of? Never heard of him…my name is John Smith. :slight_smile:



Oh my God zoom in on that arm tat guys!


Wow so snekay @mmaner. You are definitely getting cuttoff from getting his sausages now.



Bahaha. That’s too good.


Awesome topic!


.- - - the imposter - - -.



Pillow of the community


Why is the one guys making out with a pillow and why didn’t you make that pillow @psychotiller