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PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE (round 1 over! We have a winner)


If i did that, we couldn’t see Dave’s sexy mug.


this is funny being I pole dance professionally… im curious how this idea came about… totally random or is someone close to you into pole and aerial?




Ho, my GF is a bit fan of this sport (she would like to practice) :blush: and when I see the challenge, I just asking myself what Psychotiller could be doing in this position and it was the 1st image that cross my mind… :smile:
But the choice is really hard to make, so much possibilities!


Dude I’m dying to hear how polecon went. Give us the low down. I have no idea what happens at that event


well, im sure you all are hoping to hear stories of possibly strippers galore and tons of ass… and while yes this is some what true… pole con along with a couple other summer pole conventions is more for those what are into pole and aerial of all walks, sizes and ages.

there are lots of workshops to attend from pole dance, aerial, dance choreo, inversions like handstand and more acrobatic things , floorwork and things like that. We have solo performances all day which are broken into seperate categories like… comedy, sexy, mens, power pole (which is more acrobatic and trickster kinda stuff…) plus size, contemporary, then theres usually a feature showcase in the eve which is the best… usually a “black girls pole” where they bring the pain its great.

somehow even after 10yrs people still dont know we have pretty decent size market niche and growing…

referring back the beginning of my post if one is hoping to see more tits n ass and hotties running around honestly, one would be better off attending more of a sex/porn type of trade show like Exxotic or something like that… but those are just sex industry and promo with porn stars and hot models hired to hand out stuff… but not really a whole lot of actual talent and performers n stuff.

if you just search pole co on youtube you can see plenty of different stage performance… but doesnt show as much about the rest of whats going on… alhtough there are some on the official channel which has decent background promo info




Lol @mmaner I don’t think you will be receiving any more sausages from @psychotiller


LMAO @ kingdom421 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Jesus, i wished i browsed this site on a computer and knew how to photoshop…you guys are wild :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use my phone


EDIT: @kingdom421
Wait you photoshop on your phone? Im guessing its not an iPhone. If so i just need to get on it. This site is my safari homepage


Naaa, @psychotiller has a healthy sense of humor (he says as he add 4 dead bolts to each door, gotta stay safe from the boogie man :stuck_out_tongue:)


Yeah no I’m not much of an eye fruit person myself. I prefer my open-sourced Androids and all the viruses that come with’em LOL. I can photo shop anything on this using only two apps


I’ll just drop this here :kissing_heart:



a little late bud. :joy:


Bahahahaaha wtf!


Yaaas. You finally logged on.


Thread of the year right here! And we’re not even through January. So many LOLz. :rofl: