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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


So I think my inboard friend is in denial. We were riding together when I thought my board had water damage (which it didn’t) he kept saying his board was fine in the water. So… Now he’s saying he can’t get the battery in and it’s sparking when he tries to put it back in the board. But he insists that it’s not from the rain and puddles… Also said inboard told him it was water damage but he says it can’t possibly be. Hmm…


Well this person spent well over $1K on an inboard…reasonable?


He has an inboard m1 and boosted board. Both out of commission atm


So what type of clear coat should I use on my enclosure to go over my stickers and seal them on? Speaker is almost done :slight_smile:


I told @Deckoz I was stealing his speaker idea, and through lots of stuff working then breaking, here’s my version. I was a bit heavy handed with the hot glue. I’ll clean it up later. I used a slide on slide off design and the bottom is secured to the board.


Stealing? Nah, you made it your own :slight_smile: how’s it sound!!?


I like it. I have some more tweaks I’ve thought of while having it sit in my car next to me lol. I’ll probably reprint it so it looks more professional.


Testing out with some BTS. I think it sounds good. I definitely want to reprint it though to make it neater. I had to take it apart a few times. I’m thinking about coating the black in rubber paint too.


Hey guys, some updates. The board has had its ups and downs. I gave up on it for a while. The vesc wound up frying on this one as well. But I did recently get a focbox and installed it. I was getting sparks whenever I plugged in the charger so I recently got a replacement input that soon I’ll be installing. Lastly, after I had everything working in bldc, the motors moving properly when I controlled it with the arrows in my laptop, magically the remote no longer wanted to control the motors :woman_facepalming:t4:. I tried switching the receiver plug slots as many ways as I could think of and still a no go so I finally ordered another gtb2 to take apart and put into the case.

I’ve also been working on making some gummie knock off wheels using nylon filament on my 3d printer. That’s been a bit of trial and error. The design is solid but printing accurately is tricky. I bought a polyurethane mix but it wound up being too hard.

My speakers are becoming pretty dependable and I’m fairly sure the final design is done. Just gotta work on securing the innards better… Cuz vibration. I really like how they came out though.

In other news, I wound up moving to Ohio in an attempt at saving money as I was evicted from my home in New Jersey. Things are going a lot better now that I’m out here. More time for creating and less time for stressing.

I’m really hoping to get some skating in soon but the Temps have been brutally cold. Like 4° F. I remember my board not responding too great back in philly due to frigid Temps.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I miss the community and riding. Still have a bunch of back pain but I don’t like taking the fun out of my life due to injuries.