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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


I haven’t attached the motor yet because I’m still waiting on a belt that fits. But by themselves it rolls so smooth in my room. I could lean one way way and it would roll. Like without kicking, I could lean forward and it roll forward, lean back and it would roll backwards. I can’t wait to actually test it outside.


I’m making my fiberglass enclosure. So far so good. I’m sticking with the smaller wheels. I got wheelbite with the 150mm ones. Weirdly enough, I didn’t with the shorter deck. Can’t wait to file it down and paint it. And get the goodies back inside the enclosure. I’m going to try t-nuts this time for securing it.


I love how this one rides. It’s so comfy. Just gotta slap some more stickers on it. I also did a bad job lining up the voltmeter lol. I got to ride it up and down my block real quick and can’t wait to ride again. Unfortunately it’s about 20° here. I got some neon lights but I think I should put them on my helmet instead.


Word. Too cold to skate. Brutal out there!



i rode today and it’s 4 here and snowing :rofl:


bruh, try minus 8 degree celcius. Still 6-8 hour skate sessions. No bad weather ma man only bad clothing :slight_smile:

FML, you guys use Farenheit I forgot… so actually the same :slight_smile:


It’s not a nice, crisp dry cold. It’s a raw, damp cold with wind. It’s just ugly here in coastal Jersey.


Sooo, because I’m accident prone, I managed to get this board to stop working too. I’m hoping I can fix it. The voltmeter seems to still be accurate so I don’t think it’s the batteries, the vesc is lighting up and powering the rx so I think that’s fine, the tx/rx seem to be fine since it’s a solid light. Only thing that’s left is the motor and I’m not sure how to test it. Please help.

I rode it while it was wet outside but I was told the motors are naturally water proof…


Check your motor phase wire connections and make sure they haven’t come undone. If those look good, unplug the motor phase wires and touch two of them together. You should feel cogging and resistance when you do that. If that’s all good, it should eliminate the motor as the source of the problem. Next would be to plug in the VESC to the computer and check for fault codes. And make sure your battery voltage isn’t so low that it dropped past the battery cutoff voltage level.

Oh yeah, and make sure all your electronics are bone dry first. Hair dryer works well.


Hall sensors maybe, try it with those unplugged. I had a motor’s hall sensors go bad from brine corrosion while the motor itself still worked fine


Batteries at 90%. I didn’t get very far lol. I geuss I’ll cut the shielding off to see what it looks like inside.


I don’t think this motor has hall sensors


Try what @Mobutusan suggested then

Make sure touching motor leads 1&2 together makes the motor hard to turn and choppy
Make sure touching motor leads 2&3 together makes the motor hard to turn and choppy
Make sure touching motor leads 1&3 together makes the motor hard to turn and choppy
Make sure touching motor leads 1&2&3 together makes the motor really hard to turn and smooth
Make sure touching no motor leads together makes the motor easy to turn, just barely magnet indents you can feel a little


Yay, I wasn’t connected all the way inside the shielding. There’s a pretty cool 3 prong connector in there. It’s fixed


Are there any tricks to keeping this together? Especially now that I had to cut the shielding off?


I put tape or heatshrink over my bullets to keep them form coming apart.


I’ll try that. Hopefully I have some that’s big enough.


If not, you could use some thin nylon string and tie the connections together.


Glad it was something simple. If you have shrink tubing that’s almost big enough you can widen it by putting some needle nose pliers through it and pulling the handles apart to stretch it out.


Me too. Hardest part was getting the enclosure off lol