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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


You could glue the board layers together and put a bash guard over it


Luckily the deck went under her moving car through the wheels so it didn’t get run over. That’s all the damage. Its a fiberglass layer that got peeled back and I can’t squeeze it together. I definitely don’t need any help breaking stuff lol. Just annoying because I spent $150 on the deck that I shouldn’t have spent in the first place. Only rode it probably 4 times so far. I’ll probably try to make a 3d printed bumper of some sort. Original Skateboards sells a special bumper for the deck but it doesn’t fit after it’s already been busted.


That looks pretty easy to fix up from the picture. Get some wood glue and once its glued clamp it up and let it dry


mix the glue with a little water so it’s easier to insert deep into the crack with a knife or similar object. Use multiple Clamps!


My body hurts :persevere:


No brakes?


She cut me off so fast I couldn’t brake fast enough. People don’t pay attention. She said she didn’t see me. She says she’s going to compensate me for the deck so I hope she really does. That deck was basically brand new. I’ll get the bumpers for it next time. Unfortunately I’ll have to get it regripped. And the price went up on the deck since I caught the Christmas sale.


Try to adjust the braking curve in the vesc firmware to make them stronger.


Ok. I haven’t adjusted anything since I got the board. If it would’ve braked hard, I would’ve still flown off the board.


Despite it all, today was a good day

We hit higher speeds and went probably 10 miles with a break before the accident, but I forgot to start up my tracker on my phone until the last few miles.


2.5 miles? Where did you go?


We probably went 10miles.all around center city and south Philly. We saw the woman’s March and quickly got out of there lol. Too many people. It was really fun. Accident didn’t happen until the end.


That’s better! Hey, how did those other boards perform compared to yours? The look like retail stuff.


you noticed too ha


Well the most obvious part is battery life. They had boosted board, inboard, and wowgo. I could’ve done the whole thing on 1 charge but they needed to charge a few times. I could keep up with them fine but I’m more gentle on the throttle so they would pick up speed faster and when I got comfortable I’d go their speed. At one point t I had to tighten my truck since I started getting speed wobbles. I haven’t taken the board past 18mph before that so I’m pretty sure we were hitting 25mph or so before I started tracking. We had some nice long stretches before that.


Good. Gotta represent DIY. Those boosted guys are always on the lookout for an outlet like a meth head looking for a fix.

Also, don’t try keeping up with people - ride at your own pace, whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s just not worth it - ride within your ability.


:joy::joy::joy:. Well as you know, I use my board mainly to commute. So I rarely need to hit any top speeds. I. Typically brake going downhill. I wasn’t even going that fast when that car hit me though lol. Good thing I wasn’t.


Almost every time I’ve crashed it was because I was trying to keep up with [whatever] or trying to rush because [reason]. I stopped doing that. I recommend riding at your own pace NO MATTER WHAT. If you’re late, you’re late, so what. Better than tripping off the board. Plus you always have to be vigilant of the cars {aka: death machines} because most people driving can’t see people on {skateboard, bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian}

Car driving becomes instinctual after a while and you stop consciously focusing on it. People’s bodies take over in autopilot mode and their brains are trained to pay attention to where the other cars are at. Unless they are actively looking for pedestrians or skateboarders or people on bicycles or motorcycles (which they aren’t because there is an urgent incoming text message) then you are effectively invisible to them unless you wear a car-sized helmet so their subconscious auto-detection system picks you up

So you have to treat every car like the driver cannot physically see you. Because often they can’t. Even if you are lit up and in their line-of-sight.

TL;DR: don’t rush – and treat every car like it’s trying to kill you



i’m studying woodworking and carpentry and this is one of the most terrible mistakes i’ve ever made. you’re basically watterlogging your longboard whilst also sealing it with glue, which is too thin to really glue anyhting by now. the water will get trapped inside and delaminate your whole deck if you do this.

to get the effect @korralle describes you can use high viscosity resin.


If it is normal good old fashioned white wood glue, it’s water based. It doesn’t make any difference to the gluing capability if you dilute it with a litte water. I didnt say water it down until theres no glue left. So youre not waterlogging anything. How do you think the water thats normally in the glue gets out? It can dissipate through wood and the glue itself. You studying woodworking makes me a little sceptical tbh :smiley: