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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


I break everything :frowning:


It was -7°F (-22°C) the other day, it’s 22°F (-6°C) right now and freezing trigger finger is a very, very, VERY real thing. I have found that you have to wear a glove, of course, with the fingertip cut off, but then you put the whole gloved hand with remote in a pocket. I hope your outer coat has big pockets. I figured that out after, upon arrival, my finger was numb and blue one night for a lot longer than I was comfortable with… If my pocket wasn’t big enough, I would recommend putting a paper bag over your entire hand and tying it there


That’s friggin cold. Wow. I was looking at heated gloves too. I could probably make something to fit around my hand with the controller though. I had a sewing phase and lots of cloth leftover.


im kinda digging this lil guy


So, I couldn’t sleep and decided to whip out my sewing machine and make a grip tape cover for my board. It’s super awkward to hold still so I wanted to try doing that then using a strap, or holding it regular without scratching up my jacket.


To big for carrying on a backpack?


Yea. I keep my backpack pretty much empty for weight reasons and it would be way too slouchy with a board strapped on. It’s 34in and kind of heavy


Wonder if you could do a strap up front or in back and pull it like a suitcase



Just needs a little more padding.


Part of my next crazy idea


think youre going to get your nice white sweater dirty still… and all the weight on one shoulder. id rather have it contained in a backpack with it supported and sticking up high out of it


What about straps that clip onto each side of the trucks and you wear it as a back pack?


There’s a griptape cover I made protecting me from the grip.


I could do that, but I think it would be uncomfortable for my head if it goes straight up and down. I’d rather have it go diagonally across my back.


but the wheels


Oh, they face out. I didn’t really notice them touching my sweater lol.


One more part to print.


I’m attempting to use inline skate wheels. I’ve read they’re super smooth. Well I used to aggressive inline anyway. And they’re thinner=lighter


I had my first esk8 crash today. I was doing a philly group ride and some lady cut me off with her car. :rage:


Aww, Wtf?! Did she stop and give you money? If not, fuck that. Doesn’t she know you don’t need help breaking stuff? :wink: I kid, I kid. Seriously, it seems like you finally got it all dialed in, then this? Weak. How far down the deck does the damage go? Looks like you might be able to cut the busted nose off and epoxy any loose layers back together. Was there any other damage besides the deck?