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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


Not sure if you tried any digital image stabilization but YouTube can do it after a video is uploaded (granted stabilization of the raw video in an editor before it gets cut together probably works better adding it through YouTube video edits is pretty hands off, just need to wait forever for it to process)


I’ll try that. I was using Sony movie studio platinum and every time I tried the built-in stabilization it took forever for each 30sec or so clip and then it came out really blurry/fuzzy looking so I put it back to normal. I’ll try the YouTube stabilization. I didn’t see it. Thanks


Let me introduce you to the ultimate troll.


My parents always warned me about flashbacks…bull i thought…they were right


wow how did you get that print on there? I assume its a print. I would even take it as is with my little pony or whatever it is! wow that’s something else.


Sweet upgrade. Nice use of rainbows and ponies. Lol. Are you planning to install your foot belt on this deck, or is it too pretty now? If you are, I could probably help a sister out with a slight foot strap upgrade. (Not that I don’t like the DIY S&M belt vibe.) :wink:


It’s griptape. I couldn’t not get it after I saw it in the store lol.


Thanks. I think it’s too pretty for a belt now. It has a kick tail so that’s covered. I can turn yay


I’d ride that board. It works!


Ooh, can I see a picture of yours?


Still a work in progress. Waiting on 18650 pack


I rode a little today in 24°F weather and froze my fingers off. More specifically, my trigger finger. I couldn’t bare waiting any longer. I might have to get some of those hot hands things for next time


-plays lute- Reindeer are better than people…


Actually it was 21° lol


okay, so i just read from the camera post to here, trying to see if you would mention it again… what is that little thing


The board?


The camera


This piece of junk. Took me forever to convert it to a format that Sony Movie Studio could use but I think it was like $15 on black Friday at K-Mart so I guess it was worth it. I had it clipped onto my backpack strap.{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=CjwKCAiAm7LSBRBBEiwAvL1-L0hWyPAO3JV5iAXKHNwmmwRqgl0i9ZHrm5g-f8-_zPawqVs_i_DedBoCQSUQAvD_BwE&is=REG&m=Y&sku=1345152


what format was it in?

not that cam, the naked cam module u had… this 1


Unfortunately I threw it in my backpack and broke the lens off.