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Parts | 2x 6374 190KV - 2x focbox - AT wheels - deck - 218mm trucks and more | europe


You still have those motors? And will you ship to the US?


Bonjour je suis de l’ouest de la France vous avez toujours les foxbox ?


Trucks and motor mounts still available?


Hi, I’m planning to build a very similar setup, so I could be interested if you still have the parts. Would you mind sending a PM? I registered just now and can’t send them myself yet. Thanks!


I am inetrested in the 2 Motors and maybe the vesc with shipping to germany.


Bonjour vous avez toujours vos moteur ? Quelle est le prix ? Expédition en France ?


Motor still available? Interested and how much for postal service in Ireland?


All parts are sold - sorry