Buy FOCBOX Unity

Paean cheap board


Looks like another cheap board. Anyone had any experience with it? Finishing building up an eMTB and already looking for a cheap start in the urethane game. Also, can anyone tell me how they get the battery to the controller? I don’t see any cable channels and I don’t think wireless battery is their claim to fame. If anyone thinks this price point is easily achievable through diy vendors on here, please steer me straight… I have minor knowledge in the street skate drivetrains. Plus I’d much rather support people who’s name I know.



“I don’t see any cable channels and I don’t think wireless battery is their claim to fame.”

Just like boosted boards. They channel through the deck under the griptape.

This board is the same as every meepo, wowgo, doodoogo, ect… Going to be as weak of a board as the rest them. :wink:


I figured as much. Really just want an opinion on if it’s a decent starting platform or go completely from scratch for a first street esk8


I mean I guess it could be. But there’s a rule of thumb here in the forums that I’ve found to be true. “Buy nice, or buy twice.” If you start with this board. You will want way more than this board can accommodate for. The trucks are complete garbage and will bend or snap eventually. The batteries are weak and will need to be replaced after not too long. The wheels are cheap. The esc’s aren’t programmable and are prone to doing weird stuff. The list can go on. $400 down the tube. Start from scratch in my opinion.

This might be good for a beginner for about month or two considering it’s price. But it’s not the board to build upon when they get serious about eboards. :slight_smile:





Sold! Thanks for the info gents


Lets shoot a video of it going down hill and it will sell out.


did you buy it?


Hell no lol



good, i’ve heard shady things about them


Thanks for looking out


yeah, was asking because i didnt want to ruin your day like that if you did.

I cant imagine spending my money then hearing someone its shady…


I went down that road twice my friend and both times its cost me more in the long run. Bought a cheap chinese evolve carbon knock off and ended up spending 1500 bucks on it. Bought my boy a meepo which now runs dual focboxes and that one is actually pretty good tbh. I use it as a shopping trolley.
The only decent tuning platfrom out there is the evolve and unless you can get one dirt cheap then again its better starting from scratch. Build it once and then when you get bored build something else.
With all these directs and quality drive kits coming through right now you’d be crazy to go pre-built anyway.


I got this board as a gift!
! what can i do to improve it? can i change the esc and trucks? and battery should i sell it before opening it and build my own? does it take any special tools tp adjust this board or upgrade it like sodering or somthing


There are a few reviews on youtube of this board.

Not horrible but definitely won’t be receiving praise on a forum dedicated to DIY.

Seems like you get what you pay for but not really less than what you would expect. Still a lower cost than if you bought it from the DIY site that has been banned from this forum.


What’s your budget like? If I were you, I’d throw a focbox unity in there for the esc and some hub motors from @hummie as your motor/trucks/wheels. About $650 and you’d have a nice board assuming you like that deck.


thanks sounds good seeing that its cost me nothing so far. im interested in getting new parts. the deck is fine. thanks for the help! i dont have a car so the idea i think when they got it was i would be using like a car… so i guess im going for distance . im in FL, its flat everywhere exec[t for the bridges and some times 20 mph head winds slow me down on my normal board


Does the $650 include a battery?


Nope but it provides everything you need for a B.A. board other than a battery.


So about another $3-500 for the battery, misc hardware and deck?

About $1kish area for an acceptable eboard?