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Other Planet Trucks - Anyone tried them?



Sorry this is late, but here are some photos of my OP Trucks. There are one of the first production releases of the OP trucks. Never versions have the same geometry but have a more polished finish. Here’s a side shot of the trucks on my ThreeSix double drop, with Orangatang purple Kegels (80mm/83a).

And, here’s a closer shot of the trucks themselves. You ca see the hanger resting in the baseplate and this shot quite nicely shot the 17degree angle of the baseplate. The kingpin doesn’t fix the hanger as with TKP or RKP trucks … rather there is a elongated slot in the hanger that allows the whole hanger to roll along the cam. What’s not immediately obvious is the size of the baseplate …

Which you can better see from an overhead shot. The baseplate (Note 1.) is substantially bigger than calibers or paris trucks. When I initially tried to fit them to the ThreeSix double drop, I couldn’t get it to fix because the baseplate was bumping the deck (you can see this better in the photo above). I had to create some space with a 1/4" riser (Note 2) and then everything was good. You can also clearly see the small clearance between the wheel and the baseplate.

There was also some discussion about the lean of the OP trucks. Here’s a shot leaning to the left.

Looking from above you can see there’s very little in the way of clearance. This shot was taken almost directly above the hanger looking down.

And, you can get a better idea from this shot from the other direction.


This is very interesting. do you think these trucks with a custom hanger (slightly longer) would be good on an electric board?


these are so weird. Are those rubber bands?


By “custome hanger” do you mean, a smaller hanger? The answer would be no, OP trucks require a wider baseplate for the cam. A narrower base place would reduce the length of the cam, and substantially change the trucks dynamics.

I can see two options for building an estate around these trucks … either:

  1. Extend the hanger. It might be possible to remove the axle and replace it with a longer axle. This would allow more room to mount an electric motor. There will still be clearance issue.
  2. Hub motors. This would be the simplest most direct route, and if I wanted to electrify them, hub motors would be the way I’d do it.

Having said all that, I have to ask myself if it would be worth the trouble. I love my OP trucks just as they are … they’re a beautify ride and I doubt adding motors would improve them. I know this is an eskate forum, but I don’t feel the need to electrify everthing and these trucks are going to stay just as they are!


Essentially, yes. They act like a harder duro bushing.


i saw on the website that they were O rings. This is an interesting idea but the width of the base plate is detrimental to motorization.


yeah this is what I was thinking, either knock the axel out and replace with a longer one or remake the whole axel assembly, it looks Quite simple.


I found some trucks made by Flame Mountainboards that seem to be using a similar design. Rather than using O rings for tension they are using a bolt in a bushing that goes through the center of the axel and hanger.

the hanger

the Cam Profile:

they seem to have a far smaller cam and rely more on the rubber for return to centre. also cam is on the axel side, not the hanger side.

Newer versions seem to have moved to cnc’d axel with the cam welded on

looks like mounting a motor to these may be easy


These ones are not designed to give a lot of steering. Downhill Pipes…



i noticed that @esk8 posted a picture of a board using these trucks in another thread.



wonder what is was like?


That’s a crisp looking deck … very nice. Looks like a wooden mountain board. And those trucks are faaaat (in a good way). Perhaps @esk8 can provide more details?


Yes i can :blush:
I testing this trucks from Flame Board and build the Motorholder for this as prototype.
Trampa says something that is old he does not know anything about the new version.
And yes there are other trucks for MTB not only Trampa.
My previous experience is that these axes is hard to break down.
The deck and the trucks was build for downhill and it was very stiff.
But Flame Board build for me this deck what was not so stiff and we change
the rubber in the hanger.
We are just experimenting with different rubber and various thicknesses
So we have softened the truck and made the radius smaller.
To the trucks there are 3 rubber in different sizes so that there is something for every taste
What could be broken in the trucks the bolts on which the holder sits
They can be easily exchanged and you do not have to change the whole truck.
The bolts are made of stainless steel CNC the axis can no longer rust.
The biggest advantage with these axes is you can easily remove the bolts
and the bolts with the gear transmission from us for the AT wheels.
We already have the gearbox in March 2016 tested and after we have driven enough km
to say it works since others have simply copied and sell it here.
we have presented a finished product here in September 2016
And three days later another has posted the same system but only with a couple of gears
But not a finished product.
But one thing is for sure! the axles and the deck
are hand made in Germany and high quality

Regards Attila




The belt was only for testing how long i need it, in original was a 15mm belt installed


Aside from a similar method of construction Flame Mountainboard trucks aren’t going to share much else with OPs.
The bushing they use is just a compression bushing, it doesn’t act like a cam at all.

If you’re wanting to implement qualities of an other planet setup this isn’t the solution.


You can fit a mount but it’s quite narrow. You’ll have to cut a bit of the plastic to get enough clearing on the metal rod. Even then you’ll end up with about 1cm free. That was my prototype mount, I’m not done yet with the final one.


There is something that I have tried that is something like this called the surf adapter. I can tell you it is added a new feel to old boards. Only thing is that it makes your board very tall