OSMO Pocket.. Better videos!


I’ve not forgotten about getting this price btw. Supplier don’t have it so they are asking DJI. Should have it tomorrow


My vote goes for Insta360 One X… See a video I shot recently with it…


Has anyone tried the nano s?


I dont understand why people like those 360 cams…They just make everything looks so unnaturally wrong. Wide angle or superview on my Gopro 7 black is stretching the picture, but those 360`s is pushing that distortion to a hole new level. At least now i know that the world IS round :stuck_out_tongue:
Osmo is doing something really nice, with its linear footage and mechanic gimball :slight_smile:


What I like about the 360 came is that you don’t need to aim it. Everything is captured. It’s a novelty, but putting your phone in a VR glasses gadget you can pretty much look all around without distortion


You guys missing the point about the 360 cameras… it’s not the crazy wide angle that’s the thing, yes that’s a novelty but it’s exactly that you never need to aim the camera, just put it in front of your subject and you would have gotten the shot.

This is great when you are skating and prefer to keep your eyes on the road than on the direction your gimbal is facing…

No doubt the Osmo or other cameras can give better image quality, but they all still need to be “aimed” at your subject. There’s a place for each type of camera.


I get what you are saying. But damn, those twisted videoes…


Sounds good -particularly if there is a bonus ‘willy touch’ thrown into the deal for free…


I got the Rigiet gimball on.Kickstarter last year. It’s been in my desk drawer ever since it’s (6 months late) arrival. Too much hassle to set up and use. I’ll probably go for the Insta One X and it’s digital stabilisation as I more convenient solution. Plus quite like the finite dronie effect it gives.


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