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Onewheel xr (US) for sale



Pretty much new with 19 miles includes a fender and a little stand that I made from some scrap wood. I seem to have go through these phases of buying stuff and then having bad buyers remorse
1700 plus Shipping.
Doggo not included.


Want to trade for an Eboard? I see youre in IL. Im in Chicago so shipping is no problem

Ive got a boosted board with major upgrades and low miles. Its got an XR battery along with a FlexR (my custom made battery) in total, it gets about 20 miles range. under 200 miles.


Dude, if I was in Illinois I would totally be down for that but I’m in South Dakota.


Oh lol Your IP says otherwise. Dumb of me to assume I guess. I can still ship it over man.


Still available?


Nah sorry it sold. Hey mods could you update this for me. Forgot to ask when it sold.