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Onewheel skateboard


The hub motor that I have is 5.5in and requires 5.5in tyre. The tyre that is on my hub is made by Liwang but I can’t find that size on their webpage. I found one supplier in Alibaba for the size 11x6-5.5. I need to contact them If I could order just one because they have min order 500 pcs.

I’m also a beginner when it becomes to embedded development. I’m familiar with electronics so that helps. Some progress on the WheelBoardMain firmware. The firmware was created with CoIDE software but the company who has made software doesn’t exist anymore. Luckily I was able to find version(1.78) of that software that opened the BalancingController.coproj-file that was in Github. After that I managed to build the firmware and flash it with the same CoIDE software and my SWD adapter. I don’t have same hardware as described in github so that requires some changes in the GPIO ports.


Well it’s a start.

Tire showed up last week, wheel yesterday. TBH I’ve never been a fan of tubeless tires, and getting this setup hasn’t done much to alter my opinion. Those Youtube videos where the tire just pops on… they lie :joy:

Of course none of my installation issues were helped by the fact I don’t have an air compressor. Still generous amounts of dishwashing liquid, and a bicycle track pump got the job done. Didn’t hold pressure overnight (knew it was leaking at the bead), but soaking it in hot water, breaking the bead, then reseating it with max pressure seems to have fixed it.

It’s a Douglas magnesium wheel, with a Bridgestone 11x5-5 tire. Slimmer tire than what the Onewheel uses (and smaller hub diam), as I’ll need to mount a drive pulley next to it and hopefully keep the same overall width. Whole thing weights 1.6kg (3.5lbs); lighter than a set of 107 ABECs.


What kind of belt are you going to use on this?


Think I’ve settled on htd8 20mm in the hope it will never skip or break. Obviously the consequences are a little more severe than breaking an esk8 belt. Don’t see any reason to stick with htd5 out of convention; can’t see any mechanical esk8 parts fitting in with this build.


are you going to be fabricating the gears? maybe you should look at chains


Yeah, likely the large pulley will need to be fabricated… maybe even the hub. Should be able to find a small pulley easy enough.

Chains are definitely an option, width would be much lower than a comparable belt.


I’m considering buying the same hub motor from Aliexpress:


Which voltage setup do you have and which would you recommend (36V or 48V)?

How would you rate the quality of the motor?

Do you think the motor can be controlled precisely enough to be able to balance the board properly? From what I understand, the motor contains hall sensors right?

Do you think the motor can generate enough torque for a controlled start-up?


I have the 48V version. Build quality seems ok but one complaint is the very short air valve. It will need some kind of extension when filling the tyre. The motor has hall sensors and I have rotated it in a test bench with a unicycle controller and it changes direction quickly. But I cannot confirm how the motor will work on the finished build.

I ran in to an issue with the STM32F103 and MPU6000 board. I can’t get the I2C to work. I’m a total beginner with programming and debugging so it will take time. I also started playing with Arduino and separate MPU6500 module. I will test that combo within few days and see how it works. The code I’m using is from Github schglmnn/VESC-OneWheel.

Hardware side is work on progress. I have the U-shaped aluminium rails and some steel flatbar for mounting the hub motor in to the rail. Still have to get some wood for the foot pads and abs plastic for battery and electronics enclosures.


That’s good to know, thank you! I just have two more questionsabout the motor. The title of the Aliexpress-ad says that the hub motor has 600W of power while, further down into the ad in the specification section, it states a “Max output power” of 1280.15W. In the same specification table the power outputted at maximum efficiency is 600W. I thought the convention with motor manufacturers was that they always posted the highest wattage instead of the power where the motor resides in the high efficiency ratio. The reason I am asking is that I want to be sure that the motor has enough power.

I figure that the motor suffices if it can output 600 W efficiently? Compared to the motor that @goldenHusky used (2250W), it is quite low on power… ?

I’m a total beginner when it comes to estimating the required power. I do understand this depends heavily on the things to want to achieve with the board. To give a small overview:

Weight (excl. board) = 85 kg
aimed top speed of 25 km/h
10s/12s setup

Second questions, is it easy to reverse the drive direction and does it perform equally well?

Thank you in advance!


A little off but i think this is useful, a little build documentation and a nice collection of successful onewheel projects. (not mine)
I started to work on a onewheel style board now, so thanks for this thread.


Have to share what I found. One more DIY Onewheel build.


So I think I have found the right hub motor. Anyone interested in doing a group buy. I’m going to see how many people I can get. If possible I should be able to get the hub motors around $100 with enough people interested.


Can you link it please?


Hey man how is your progress on this?


Im possibly interessed! You have a link?


Here are the specs of the hub motor.
Motor tubeless air tire size 254mm
motor tire width 156mm
dropout size 200mm
shaft length 260mm
motor power 48v 800w
max speed 35km/h

Right now I am in talks with the company about quantities. We may need at least 10 people interested. For better pricing. I also am trying to get a sample product for testing and quality control from the manufacturer.


Can you send me a Link?


Well I’ve got a whole lot of excuses :smirk:

After ordering from APS a month or two back, it finally arrived. 80x100 12mm motor shaft, pictures don’t do it justice, the thing is huge :joy: . There’s probably enough parts now for me to be doing more on this than I have time for right now.


Ok everyone. I have a price now for an order of hopefully 10 or more. The price qouted was $85 USD to me. So let me know if you are interested and I will keep count for a couple of weeks. Just PM me. I will let you know if there are any shipping costs when I get the next email from the supplier.


Here is an image of the wheel that we will be getting. SCR10R_jpg-100766-380x380