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Ollin Popoca 90mm 78a Longboard Wheels



We have been riding these wheels for more than a year now, hard to believe I am still using my first set! They are a center set wheel with 54mm width and a 45mm contact patch. They have a very large radius edge that contributes to the very high durability of these wheels, very little chunking if any. Definitely the most durable wheel we have ever ridden.

The urethane formula in our wheels has some of the best rebound we have ever experienced and this creates a very smooth ride with very low rolling resistance. At 90mm it is the Goldilocks of wheels, not too big and not to small.

The Popoca also utilizes the same style hub/core as the kegel wheel so it is relatively easy to find compatible hardware. Boosted riders have also found our wheels to be a direct fit on their boards and the 90mm size gives them a little boost in top speed! Lets hope tinkering with wheel swaps leads the Boosted crowd down the rabbit hole to our neck of the woods :wink:

If you want a great wheel at an even better price listen to the raven, head over to our site and grab a set, they are always in stock!



Picture ??


Click the link sir



I don’t have any side view pics of mine, but here’s what I could find.


I have some video footage! Wheels in the video are my original set with over a year of use. Big thanks to Neil for making the video!


I use Ollin Popocas on all my personal builds, from my ‘Pimp my Meepo’ design exercises to my personal dual 6380 yin/yang Loaded Blood Slayer Unicorn that we’re building now.

My sole ‘complaint’ is I wish they came in 83mm heh


I would love some 85mm & 97mm, but given that competitive options exist and the cost of manufacturing I understand why they don’t.


Or some 107


I can confirm that those wheels are the best! Not only they are good but the price is very reasonable.
Thank you @chaka


Find someone with a lathe and knock em down to the size you want.


By the time I dig out the Snyder regroover from our home storage back in Boulder, I’ll be 83. :wink:


So like only 5 years away then? :rofl::rofl:


Haven’t ridden them yet, but damn do they look nice. Wish I could use these with @nuttyjeff’s drive


For you Boosted Riders (or guys on here that have friends who still ride on such a rudimentary device :joy:), there is an easy mod to do to get these to work with stock wheel pullies and still run the guard:

Lol, this was the first topic I created.

And, I have about 1000 miles on mine and they are still Prestine. No chunking at all. Great ride quality. Though they are still on my Boosted so only get taken out when I am taking a friend out, because… well… it is a Boosted Board.


Any plans of selling pulleys to go with those wheels?


Kegel pulleys fit.


Eventually we will make a universal pulley and adapter but we currently only produce an adapter that fits our Revolver Drive. Unfortunately it is not a bolt on adapter and only fits a customized truck hanger. It rides on a captive bearing which transmits all the drive forces in an axial direction.


Black Friday sale! November 23rd from 12am to midnight MST, enter the code: BIGSMOKE2018 and receive 50% off the listed price of the legendary Popoca wheels. Always in stock and ready to ship!


Dang, 50%. I assume that’s 50% of the regular price, not 50% on top of the 10 dollar discount?

Also, can you confirm or deny that you did this just to spite dave wood?