Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Ollin FreeRide Re-Curve



They are on holiday. Pretty sure they will respond soon :slight_smile:


Still waiting… growing restless lol


Me too, still figuring out why they removed everything as in stock. :thinking:


Probably because they are on Vacation.

They are literally a small Mom and Pops shop, and when they go on Vacay, who is there to ship?

They probably took stuff down while they are gone so people don’t lose their minds when “in stock” items don’t ship instantly.


Sorry incorrect wording, meant their main items are out of stock (ex. Revolver mounts, vesc, and recurve deck), all other stuff including popoca wheels are in stock.


All of those things have a large amount of time invested into being made. How many recurves can one man make whilst also assembling vescs and running the CNC for the mounts?


Anybody had any updates yet? I haven’t had a reply since Jan the 1st and that was to just wish me a Happy New Year.


Yea, I got a reply 3 days ago but very generic, no actual info on my specific order, eta, etc