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Ollin FreeRide Re-Curve



They are on holiday. Pretty sure they will respond soon :slight_smile:


Still waiting… growing restless lol


Me too, still figuring out why they removed everything as in stock. :thinking:


Probably because they are on Vacation.

They are literally a small Mom and Pops shop, and when they go on Vacay, who is there to ship?

They probably took stuff down while they are gone so people don’t lose their minds when “in stock” items don’t ship instantly.


Sorry incorrect wording, meant their main items are out of stock (ex. Revolver mounts, vesc, and recurve deck), all other stuff including popoca wheels are in stock.


All of those things have a large amount of time invested into being made. How many recurves can one man make whilst also assembling vescs and running the CNC for the mounts?


Anybody had any updates yet? I haven’t had a reply since Jan the 1st and that was to just wish me a Happy New Year.


Yea, I got a reply 3 days ago but very generic, no actual info on my specific order, eta, etc


Fingers crossed somebody will be back in the office soon as dying to start my new build(s)


It would be great to see some updates! I know you guys were out for the holidays and Barrett Jackson but can you let us all know where this is at?

@chaka @OllinBoardCompany


Guys, why don’t you PM or email if this is about pending orders or stock levels?

Bumping the same thread with the same questions is just obnoxious. They will get notifications all the same when they get back from vacation.

Not every online retailer operates like Amazon


Hmm, why do you think I’d be commenting in the progress thread if I’d been getting replies by PM or DM…?


Btw, it’s very obnoxious that people keep using the “this isn’t Amazon” justification. I agree, this is not Amazon, it’s a community and there should be common courtesy. I’m reasonable, I get that delays happen but because this is a community there should be a personal touch. It would be great to let customers know if delays happen and a new ETA, proactively. Taking money and not replying is not ideal whether you’re a massive company or the mom & pop shop down the street.


I like hummies method. He has had delays and problems like everyone else, but still always gives you updates and gets back to his customers.


maybe there’s a carvon / ollin collab in the works!

kidding!!! i’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!


Im sure this comment boiled some blood


Just trying to lighten up the convo


Funny you say this cause my deck will be getting 2x sdv4 installed on it. This wait is killing me though :frowning:


You must be new here.

That’s great that you have an opinion on what you expect from a very small business, run by 2 people, aware that they are out on vacation. In my opinion you come across as pretty privileged and whiney.

Not long ago everything took weeks, even months to receive on the internet.

One has a choice to purchase things wherever one likes these days. It’s also entirely on the consumer to manage their own expectations when purchasing from small shops. There’s not a lot of money to be made here, for almost all small vendors here this is a labor of love because they’re passionate about it.

Being able to purchase hand made, custom electric skateboard components from those that love this sport is a privilege to anyone who can’t design and produce this stuff themselves.


You’re taking this too far imo.

Eboosted has been very polite as has everyone else, because Ollin has been a very respected contributor.

But missing delivery dates by months with no updates… the customers deserve an update. If there’s none to be had they should share information, hopefully in a polite manner.

I don’t see any vendor bashing here.