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Offtopic - spanish eboard community



there is not much information about eboards in spanish, so i decided to help my fellows with this website

i hope i can help as many people as this community :slight_smile:

thank you for helping me to build my first eboad!!

@JohnnyMeduse @JLabs @Jinra @link5505 @itsmikeholland @TarzanHBK @crameur @ra.rend @paul775 @lox897


and also thanks to @Namasaki @Blasto :slight_smile:


Hey miquelcamps thats a really good idea ill check that link later


That is a great idea!


Donde vive? I’m in Madrid if you’d like to meet up sometime. I’m down by rio Mazanares…nice place to ride.


i,m north of miami. in hollywood florida, very flat over here…hope to get my board soon (dual enertion)… maybe drive east to fort lauderdale beach and try it out. @monkey32…My grandparents were from galicia and canary islands on my mom’s side.