Official Carvon v4 Group Buy (COMPLETED) thank you!


Lever said somewhere that live chat goes directly to his cell and if I’m not mistaken it’s a one man show. So you may be getting played with…


Yes I remember that he told this.
But he seems that he hiring some people
This is the live chat from november 27th

Live Chat
Agent:How may I help you today?
You:I’m a backer from indiegogo for the exo pro
You:I would like to know how many boards have been shipped
Agent:Thank you for being a backer and for thank you for your patience
Agent:I do not have that info, may I know your backer number?
You:I’m number 25
Agent:Okay. We’re currently doing a lot of production. By the looks of what’s been produced, your board may shipped in a week or two

Unless it’s a lie but I don’t think


i did the same thing on chat and they told me they had no clue about our kickstarter revos. I think I kissed my money away a few months ago. it sucks cause I have been without a board since selling my evolve to back the Revo 4wd. Im not expecting anything and now I feel like im going to have to jump in wherever @lever posts to share my experience and his shady practices to warn others. with no updates, responses to emails, pms or chat, you have to call a thief a thief. I came here to be part of this community and got screwed. it sucks.


I would watch out with @lever people have given him a bunch of money and not recieved their stuff. take a look here:

Im one of those… even if you get it, how do you know you will have any warranty?


Good news (for me)

Hello, how may we help you?

You are now chatting with Agent.




Agent:We’re preparing your board for shipping





You have asked THIS question soooo many times. just give up already. He doesn’t seem to EVER tell anyone this.


Maybe one day he will…


congrats on potentially getting it…so are you planning to stop coming here once you get your board?


Don’t worry I will continue to post stupid/newbie question.
But not about aerodynamical or thermodynamical.
Maybe I will change my pseudo


not sure you can, just open a new account


Good faith I guess


Guys I cannot friggin believe it. After hearing so many negative comments and reviews I still have faith in @LEVer and Carvon and that’s what made me go ahead and make the purchase.

I ordered the ExoDrive on Thursday and today it’s shipped!!


So excited and can not wait to set it up and review here.


what number are you?


I’m number 25


lucky you I’m 35


The fuck you say!!!


All I’d say is believe it when you see it. I am also an Indiegogo backer from November 2017 and at this point hold little or no faith in receiving the Exo Pro I have backed, supported and paid for.

Let’s see what 2019 brings


the year hasn’t even started it’s gonna be a long year


Not as long as 2020. That’s for sure.


Yesterday is 12/10/2018

And yes I like Siri to call me Daddy