Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Official Carvon v4 Group Buy (COMPLETED) thank you!


I totally forgot that one of the delays is that the CNCed hangers goes to someone else to get anodized.


secret santa?!


I’d wish :joy: I ordered them


how many carvon exo pro boards are shipped now?


New axles are here! Going to be a very busy weekend. Better to use Live Chat on exoboards website to reach me so I can have the phone while standing in front of the machines. Also been advised not to use PM system here. Please note Live Chat hours. Thanks!


Thank again for the heads up…@LEVer now I was wondering if your still working with the psychotiller and I was wanting to get the two TD drives mounted to six shooters before the shipped out. I was speaking to him already about this I just have to send the funds when your ready for him to install. also I do still want the original adapters that come with the drive in case I don’t like the six shooters.what adapter is coming with these drives ? the abec or the boa


Don’t like the six shooters you say I doubt that will ever happen friend :smiley: I’m sure Tiller can help you with whatever you want though


I cant say I don’t like them yet but I’m not a huge fan of big wheels on a skatboard 90mm max for me. but I do want to try some of his wheels they look so sweet love the deep dish style and not one bad comment on them everyone just loves them so I’m hoping I do too but if I don’t like them then i know my old lady will love them as she likes big wheels as she isn’t a aggressive rider as I am and now I won’t have to be worried about her street skating her beautiful face


Dude please, just 1 enter helps so much! :slight_smile: (Please don’t be offended, I’m trying to be jokingly friendly)


Just emailed you. Thanks.


I know this is not the chanel for IGG backers but it’s been 4 months without a peep.
Last time I mentioned IGG here I was told I was confused and the info here did not concern me, but
It takes 5 min to write an update ex: today completed X boards Y for IGG Z for … starting board of backer number …
A lot of folks (including me) are worried??
Respond please it is becoming a bit ridiculous.


I’m pretty sure there is no development left to do in exo. All the parts are there and things will be going together pretty quickly from what I heard. Plus 4 months is nothing… I lost count after a year for my evo… Still waiting :slight_smile:


While I appreciate your stoicism I’m not sure you should be wearing that as a badge of honor.


Lol. Agreed.


At this point, without the badge… what is it worth…


@LEVer been direct messaging you and emailing carvon for weeks. Saw the message to confirm my address, and i did so but haven’t heard back and have no idea what is going on. Please send me an update. Would greatly appreciate it. I was a part of the Group buy and i believe you said you had my order ready to go, just needed my address, i have sent it and haven’t heard back since and have been emailing carvon and direct messaging you. Just want to know what the status is. Thanks.


Can you give more informations about the EXO boards Who have been shipped.
When I talked to you on the live chat you told me that I will be contacted in 2 weeks max and that I will have it for Christmas…
It was november 20th…
I also talked with an agent on the live chat( november 27th and december 4th), he didn’t know how many boards where shipped and he told me to be patient…
So can you give more details


We’re building a lot of the exodrives. We have to do a batch cause it’s faster. After that, we will put it on the boards which is the easier part.


So now the exodrive.
But how many have been shipped?
Because it’s the big question that all the backers want you to answer


If possible I’d like to get on the next group buy list.