Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

NoWinds first commercial Board : Leiftech E-Snowboard


D shape is fine with me, I don’t have any pulley yet so I can go around
It’s a bit more expensive than I thought, no complains, I know it will take time to design the piece accordingly
I’ll stick with my set !


Hi Jenso, thanks for taking the time to organize this !
I have a leiftech v2 so I guess I need d-shape design.
Because it looks like we are enough people to order, I will only get one set if it is still ok for you.


No Problemo (-;

organizer was @Balta_6

yeah i think so


yeah I also need D shape design but I have to honest I just got the board so I dont want to send the pulley as I haven’t ridden it much yet.

Im happy with the price and ok to proceed


Thank you to both of you ! :wink:


Hi Jens, I have first gen Leiftech without D-Shape.

Price is ok for me.



Hello there! Thanks for making these!
I would like to take only one pair finally.
I also have a gen2 with the D shape pulley.
the measurement by philvanzu for your previous batch is precise enough for the flat part on the shaft? I 'm in the same situation as BigBrit, havent ridden it a lot yet and would like to profit of the rare dry days we have!


If i remember correct he told me that he needs to retro fit my D-Shape to fit his pulleys.
I would like to make sure that it fit straight out of the box…

I checked leiftech, dont see d-shape pulleys for sale !
If no one wanna give away their pulleys( i understand (-; )
But if you get parts wich dont fit you will not be happy

Maybe someone got a spare


Hi everyone,

they do sell them for 20$ :
Shipping cost to Germany is $45.68 USD so all together 65,68 $.

I you guys agree, we could split the cost (maybe by giving Nowind another 10$ each) and that way making sure of having a fitting set of wheels for V2

what do you say ?


It’s weird hat t doesn’t appear in the shop …
You know how many teeth are they ?
Because I don’t have any pulley yet, so I could pay more, ship the parts to jens and once he’s done, he ships the wheels and the pulley to me (I would pay a part of the shipping and the pulleys for example)


Hi Balta,
great idea. Sure, I can send you the 10$ to participate to your shipping costs if it is ok. Do you have Venmo ?
Also I already sent Nowind the payment so he can start to buy the wheels and materials he needs.



No i don’t…
But let’s wait or the other to agree with us first


Balta, if you are planning on getting the official pulleys anyway, I think the good idea could be for you to order them, ship them directly to Jens and he coul forward them to you with the wheels and pulleys.
If the parcel is more expensive, we could of course share the added cost.


Yeah that’s what I was planning to do
Hooo boy 50.61 dollars in shipping !
You sure you don’t have a spare pulley :wink: ?

This is a solution, but would prefer not too, taking Leiftech’s pulley will make my choice of motors really small


I’m happy to contribute the extra $10!