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Not getting pm notifications?


Is anyone not getting notified when they receive a PM?

Im not and I know I’m not the only one


same here, thought i had screwed up a setting or something


I don’t think it’s anything moderators can fixed… Maybe @onloop needs to look into this


Yes I don’t receive your PM notification… Is @onloop still lurking around the fort? I thought that he was no longer coming back on


maybe @EnertionSupport can help???


Maybe @onloop thought he removed his pm notification and ended up removing everyone’s lol :joy:


This pm thing broke at the worst time… Not getting any answers to all my sales going on lol


Im watching my PMs like a hawk, so if you wanna take me up on my $10 offer… :wink:


I’m not getting shite either. Except Barajabali’s board for $11. If the Price Is Right.

Sorry Karmannghiagirl. Lol


:rage: ill do $15… but no more!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hahaha keep this going for a couple hours and maybe we’ll get to a good price


speaking of PMs, im assuming you didnt see the one i sent you?

edit: nvm i just never saw your response :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel all left out…no one is pm-Ing me :tired_face:


Are you sure? That’s kind of the issue. Lol


@barajabali I sent u a pm did u see it? How abt you @Karmannghiagirl?


Check ur pm @Mobutusan as a test


got your one from 4 hours ago and i sent a reply, nothing new though…


I’m not getting ANY notifications not only pm


Lol gotta clean out the pipes


I got one as of 4 days ago…