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NoSno Mountainboard Trucks (Tough as f..*) for Sale [EU] / (Read last reply)



70 shipping included to spain and I’ll take em.


Will run the shipping cost calculation and reply you in email the response.


You still got these?


@pixelsilva Yeh, i do.but they might cost quite a bit to USA…UK might be a different option, though…

I was talking with @monkey32 but I guess I cant get that low shipping price… and on top of that I packed away trucks around the same time conversation was going about sending them to someome for real, so I might need some time now to pack them up for shipping anyway, they might require a bit more disassembly and tight packing in a box


So, selling price is 50 € and shipping 45€ , right?

Tell me more about them. They are that heavy (7 pounds)? Handling characteristics? They are for free AT downhill, no?


Yes, they are around 3-3.5kg in weight alone. (1.6kg per truck, without wheels)

Yes, mainly for downhill as far as i know.

Havent actually rode them whem powered… they seem somewhat stiff, so I suppose they work best on trails or wide streets…

Somewhere on forum I posted about them. Some french riders have been using them.

Maybe @Riako can chime in and tell whenever he tried these NoSno trucks powered with motors?


I have never ridden them, but friends of E-Ride Earth : Skate Electrique Forum (Manu and Thomas) ride them hard !!!
(Both on top 3 winners of WheelGames 2018 of Monségur (in France this summer… with 6s setup !! They are absolutly insane riders, never see that before on all ride made around Paris or Paris ride groupe … Real burnt head :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :call_me_hand:)

You could/should ask them on E-Ride Earth facebook page :wink: (They are really open, give a lot, share a lot of ride technics etc. ) as they ride it since a really really long time !!!

Some pics :


@Riako love the pictures.

That sand color deck is real nice… though original deck the board had was way too flexy… it easily touch the ground when doing a jump and might be too unstable when riding, i think.