Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


This is all true to some extent.

I’d like to add that I normally try to err on the side of caution and don’t exceed these ratings – which does put 10AWG at 55A continuous, 110A burst

You can use smaller wire but the losses and heating will be more, of course.


thanks @dareno, i did see that one but didn’t realise the mini remote has a second channel. Im curious if i can cram it into the nanox remotes shell haha


The discription also says β€œ15/65T: 380mm Belt”:


Bin the nano Jai. Try something with a bigger form. Benchwheel or even dare I say it the new meepo remote. Use the trigger from either because they have a nice long throw. You can do it. I have faith. Be hitting you up for another battery shortly my friend. Just deciding where to put it.


i dunno, i like the small throw on the nano. its small and i like the finger grooves. Im only looking for something else because i’m thinking of putting an unnecessarily loud horn on the board :grin:


This was just after the first test ride up and down the street.

Nano is junk + 1,000,000.

Mechanically stuck in full throttle.


thats a lot of junk! haha but yeah nah thats not safe! why ride your board when it can ride itself


@b264 Train horns. And so it began…


please help should i go 83 mm flywheels or 85 cagmuas


If those are the only two choices, then easy choice – 85mm Caguama


you said only 2 do you know of better wheels under 80 all knowing @b264


good, cheap, fast – you get to pick two.

I don’t know what wheels would fall under the β€œgood and cheap” category. But it wouldn’t be fast.


i thought soft 77a cagumas were closest to all three


Anyone know where to get Tourque Boards 6355 magnet replacements and circlip?



hey guys im doing a single setup should i go 15mm or 12 mm which one will last longer


belt drive i mean


15 Tenchar


I run 20mm. You should be plenty fine with 15mm. Order an extra belt so if/when it snaps, you won’t be unable to ride for a week.


im ordering 6 so i can just ride for the summer thanks for the help really appreciate it


Would different battery wire length matter performance vice or safety wise? In this case positive wire would be ~30cm longer than negative. @b264 I know you have the answer to this