Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


Your symptoms exactly describe a low battery situation. Try charging the battery. With a low battery, you will still have killer brakes but your forward acceleration will be seriously lacking, until at some point you need to kick-push.


Ultimately it depends on how many there will be. As an example the Lacroix uses M3 and it’s a big battery. Having said that I usually use M4.


Well technically its from DickyHo but its the same ESC, I needed something cheap and hassle free so I could get on the road ASAP; next build is running Unity so once this dies I’m on to VESCs only. The battery voltages are all perfect and the wheels free spin cleanly, its not an overheating issue either since it was sitting for a while. The remote has 4 LEDs to return the battery voltage and it stayed at 4/4 to 2/4 so the sag isn’t an issue. It was damp this morning so maybe water damage?


I noticed when I was assembling the board that this wire on my BMS isnt all that soldered on. The right wire.

pic >

Should I slice the shrink wrap a little and solder it again? What techniques are available for this kind of situation? I can solder decently well, I just dont know if theres a β€˜best’ way to attack this.

Secondly, When opening my board after about 8 miles ( I want to bump the vescs up to 12a each), I noticed some paint on the balance wire spots within the pack… Its certainly not burnt, the black paint has just rubbed off.

pic >

Should I add a little foam on these points specifically? Currently everything is padded besides the battery, I couldnt get a good enclosure fit with the whole thing foamed.

Looking for input, advice, anecdotes.


Do I absolutely have to sign up on IG to inquire about the redember decks? :confused:


@treenutter makes them :wink:

But if you get one via @Sender it’s well worth the extra wait and cost


Ahhhh. A Red Ember lover. I understand. Best decks in the world IMO.

Sure you can get other amazing stuff like Lacroixs and Kalys, and Subsonics and this and that. They serve different purposes and are amazing shit.

Red Ember Decks are fucking artistic pieces. So much fire.

Just send @treenutter a message here. There will be a wait. Maybe a long one, but Gat Dam.

The boxes I get from Red Ember, make me feel like an a year old runnig to the Christmas tree.

I still fully believe my purple and blue xapham is one of the best looking decks ever made.

Nothing has given me that feeling in a lonnnnnng time


Sounds like I’m ditching LY and Subsonic for this deck. I will ping him. I hate social media.

Thanks a bunch.

I will send this deck to you @Sender!


The wait just makes you anticipate it even more


It’s ok. I have a working deck. I can wait.


Have it sent directly to @sender so it atleast takes the shipping time out to you and then from you to sender.


Yep, that’s the plan. Just waiting on Mr. Redember himself to reply.


Question: is there a remote with thumb trigger that has a channel 2 button?

like the Nano X, but with a button that works without being held down for 5 seconds


I’m sure there is a mod for the mini out there somewhere. @b264 any ideas Brian?

nvm found one


This one has a channel 2 wheel


Can I run the focbox unity at 120a battery current and 70a for one Motor I have two motors I that safe to use.

  • 160A Continuous System Current
  • 80A Continuous Motor Current
  • 300A Max Current

Straight off the enertion website. Seriously, you should at least read the info about the parts you intend to use.

The noob question thread is not a substitute for baseline thought and critical thinking. RTFM.



I’m thinking of getting a loaded Vanguard Flex 3 deck. Is there a better board below $180? I want a board that is comfortable for medium to fast city riding. I don’t want to worry about small bumps. I’m 70kg(150lbs).


The bamboo in loaded boards will help take some of the vibration out of your feet as it is more flexible than the maple of other boards. But it also depends on the wheels you are using. Bigger the wheels the less bumps will effect your ride.