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Iโ€™m looking for single-wire connector options, for things like plugging my BMS into the B- line of the battery. I donโ€™t want to solder a single wire in place, as itโ€™ll mean having to desolder it if I ever need to remove anything. So I was going to solder a wire on both ends, and then have a connector (like an XT90) in the middle. Except I only need a single plug, so wondered if there was a standard for that?

Bullet connectors were my first obvious thought, but they arenโ€™t very sturdy and I donโ€™t want them popping apart mid-ride.

mbs wheels image motors strong enough to lug 250 lbs up 25% incline as for gearing smotth ride under 30 mph

Just use heat shrink tube or electric tape on bullet connector and youโ€™re good to go or use one half of an XT-60 or 90 depending on current requirements for the line.

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dose anyone know any good scroll wheel remotes?

5.5mm bullet connectors. Make sure you heatshrink around them so they donโ€™t vibrate apart.

I have a 10s2p battery that is only charging to 40.2 volts. Checked the charger with other batteries, itโ€™s fine.

โ€ฆ does that mean there is a bad cell in the pack?

Iโ€™d check the individual cell voltages, you may have a bad group that is causing the BMS to terminate charging early.

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Do I need any antisparks if Iโ€™m using a Unity and BMS with e-switch? I donโ€™t think I do but I want to make sure

As of now, no. Mine has been holding up great.

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No in fact you will now have 2 switches on your board (bms &unity ) you can eliminate the bms one by soldering the 2 wires from the bms together however the switch on the bestech also acts as a reset button for the bms. I think @Namasaki can elaborate on the cons (if There are any) of bypassing the bestech eswitch.


This answer is better. I concede for the evening.


Thanks, I was just gonna put the switch inside the enclosure and just leave it on all the time unless I need to toss it into storage for a couple weeks

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In that case just solder the 2 wires together. But again i remember @Namasaki saying something about it being some kind of reset switch.

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@M.Hboards You are correct, the on/off E-switch on the Bestech bms is also the reset switch. You need this switch to reset the bms when it goes into protection mode.

What would trigger protection mode?

Greetings oh wise one. Fellow crash fan. I must once again call on Your Magnificence to enlighten this unworthy peasant.

Is there a process to resetting the bms with an e switch? Hold it on for a bit etc?

Iโ€™ve been getting a lot of parts from DIY Eboard to upgrade my old Meepo. Iโ€™ve found the belt drives a pain in the arse and getting replacement parts is really expensive. Are there any alternatives to this? Obviously places that wonโ€™t dox me.

Diyeboard is a known scammer and is banned from here if you search

In comparison to quality parts, the diye belt drives are really not.

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