Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!


Don’t you guys have skate shops? Theres 4 within a 5 minute drive from me. Get whatever you need the old fashioned way


I got one up the road, I’ll check in a bit


That would really play on my ocd gene. Badly.


I usually work on 2mm between everything.


I mean the noise can’t be worse than the sound of my hubs and I’m okay with them, they start whining 5mph and screaming past 10mph

I’d like a bit more room but I messed up the trucks while lathing them…shitty lathe that isn’t actually centered so the faces aren’t good enough to mount how I want them


The belt will soon shave a bit of urethane if its not too bad. Its rolling resistance I would be concerned about but if its ok to ride then its fine. If you let off the throttle and the boards wants to throw you off then its not lol


1/8" or 1/4" neoprene rubber sheets? Steel enclosure and no silicone for a while, batteries are in holders but the ESC and BMS are all looped together



That’s not good in a number of different ways, and I am a large fan of using metal for things. But not enclosures.

The most immediate, but not the biggest, problem is that it will block the airwaves from your remote if your deck has carbon fiber in it.


Wooden deck for this enclosure, I’ll add some 22awg to the antenna and route it through the deck if it doesn’t pick anything up, is it worth getting the 1/4"?


The biggest problem still exists though, in that steel conducts electricity and so you should probably use silicone to stick fishpaper all inside of the enclosure before you put anything in it.


Ehh…the cells are in ABS holders and that face up so the metal only touches the wood, only the wires are a risk and they all have insulation until the BMS which is gonna have shrink wrap. It will not short out


You have not considered “extreme vibration” sufficiently.

I do agree with you that, for bench-testing, you are very accurate.

Once you hit the streets, it a whole 'nother game.


Then quarter it is, I’ll crack it open after a few days of use an if the rubber is being abraded away I’ll overhaul it (empty a few tubes of neutral cure into it)


As neutral cure goes, is there anything better than this for the price? I’m thinking I’ll just pot the entire wire setups


That’s the good stuff, but that container sucks balls. Get the little 2.8oz tubes, and get a bunch of them. It’s worth the extra money.

Once you open it, it won’t be good for more than a week or so.

If you walk in the store, they are in the paint section.


Speed washers. Youre welcome


Anybody know how much longer 6365 (tiller 6369) unsealed maytechs are than 6355 sealed maytechs (with the butt nipples)


You can’t just add length to an antenna and expect it to work. The length is specific to the transmitter frequency. If you need to extend it, you need a coaxial cable or other form of transmission line.

I can teach you how to do this correctly if needed, it’s not hard, but you can’t just add a wire and have it behave correctly.


I don’t think I will have a problem but if it gives me flakk I’ll definitely take you up on that


@thebeardedboy for which wheels, which motors, which gearing?