Noob question thread! ๐Ÿ˜€ ask your questions here!

Cable management is hard, and then even when meticulously planned, shit happens

That is woeful Brian and you should be ashamed of yourself lol @Sn4pz I always place my receiver as close to where my hand is while riding. As Iโ€™m goofy my right hand is up the front and so thats where my receiver goes towards the front to the right in the space between the battery and enclosure with some hefty foam protection.


If you want things to work better, use one receiver per ESC

I donโ€™t want things to work better. Works fine as is and redundancy does work in theory but then youโ€™re just adding in something else to go wrong so where do you draw the line? You know me. Simple as it can possibly be.

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So I should shift my battery closer to my vescs and put the receiver there? Whatโ€™s the difference between that and option number one which Brian said not to do :thinking:

I have no idea why Brian said that. Never had an interference issue with the receiver being near the battery. He may have been referring to potential damage from the battery moving. Its just something Iโ€™ve always done and it works for me. Its the coolest place too so it kind of made sense to keep it away from all the other electronics. I have big discharge bmsโ€™s in my builds too and they get warm.

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Thank you very much :pray::pray::pray:

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Iโ€™m using the nano x, so itโ€™s possible that I can do that right? I just donโ€™t know how. Lol Ill have to search it up

Youโ€™re welcome

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What Iโ€™m saying is that if you briefly lose your remote signal, you only lose one half of the drive train instead of the whole thing, which is less likely to toss you off the skate.

Also, if one drive train malfunctions, both can go down if itโ€™s the one supplying the receiver power.

Dual receivers is better in almost every way.

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@Sn4pz I said that because in a crash you donโ€™t want the receiver next to the battery because itโ€™s the heaviest part and so will crash against the side of the enclosure the hardest. You donโ€™t want a little receiver in between them

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I know the benefits of dual receivers mate i was referring to the position is all. If its protected its fine. My boy crashed my evo at over 40 mph and it flew across the road and smashed into a kerb. Bad crash that put him in hospital for a week. Nothing inside moved enough to damage because its very well secured and foam protected.

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LoL โ€“ because he potted the entire enclosure with GE Silicone 2+ is why.

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It fucked the back truck and one mount. Destroyed the bearings in one wheel. Put some pretty big dings in the board and ruined matts x thingys but the enclosure and innards were fine. Alans enclosure is one tough cookie. I used heavy density open cell packing foam, shitloads of industrial velcro and m5 steel bolts holding it all together. The deck/enclosure on that set up is a weapon. Any of my other set ups would have been toast for sure.

If the belt is rubbing slightly against the wheel is that okay? It has a little resistance and makes a whiring noise but thatโ€™s it

Can you not get a spacer in there?

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Thought about it :joy:

I guess so, Iโ€™ll see if I have any spare speed washers


If the noise doesnโ€™t bother you, then itโ€™s usually okay to rub a little bit.

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If you need a couple speed washers PM your address, I will toss some in an envelope and put a stamp on it

You can only buy them in bags of 100 LoL

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