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Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


Thanks, is there anything else I can use , I’ve herd people useing Bootles what do you think


It looks like you could set the current a little higher. However looks can be deceiving and if you have tested your welds for proper fusion you should be set.


Thanks , I can barely rip it off , :joy:


With hands or pliers?

Im in England too and have plenty of fishpaper


Definitely with pliers ,

as it’s all glued together, whouldny that take away all room for abrasion which will then sorts out the pack or should I remake it , just money and delivery , so I’ll rather find an alternative than fisher paper maybe , if it’s possible


The suggestions you were given as already mentioned have originated by trying to eliminate all the failures people have had through the years of building packs for esk8s. Noboby knows for sure if a battery pack will burst out in flames, all we can do is try and take out as many variables as we can.


sadly I can’t afford to make the pack much wider , I know what your thinking why did I use pine for a deck , because timber shop was closed , wood work is ma thing


Thank you , how do you take of old tabs just with pliers


Yes. Afterwards I grind down the old welds with a dremel (very carefully so as not to remove any material from the cell).


thought about this as a insulator , guessing it’s petg plastic ok thanks, I’ll use the softest grinding wheel


Plastics are not as abrasion resistant as fish paper.
Why not place an order with nkon or contact some of the people here that have already offered to help?


Really some offerd some on here , ok I’ll do that


Probably, but I wouldn’t


Ok , in going to try and find some fish paper on qzon prime maybe , but it’s quite hard to find sadly , and thankyou


β€Ž @paulbriz


I thought he was just saying , he was just saying it’s easy to get , sadly nkon is out of stock for me


You can have some. I bought loads for people who needed it


Really, that’s so kind , is that why nkon is out of stock :wink:


or should i be able to cut this in stirps