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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!


What’s exxaley wrong , I used fish paper


The nickel - why is it all bent…
The electrical tape - this is where you should also use fishpaper
What spot welder are you using?


Thankyou , it’s just were I cut the strip with scissors, and it’s the sunko 737b I made sure it was a really strong bond with quite a few wealdsi was copying some body else’s design


I really don’t think you should be building a battery with the knowledge you have right now…


Oh , recommend any good threads , this is the 2nd time I’ve read built the battery’s




Thanks man , I’ll just get to reading the 2nd article,there’s definitely a mix of what people do there , like insulation and not ,


read everything you can. more is better in this case.
if there is something which makes you confused, ask here again!


ask before you do


Battery building keeps getting safer and safer as people figure out better ways and we see what’s failed before and how. Electric skateboards are one of, if not the single most destructive environment to put a lithium battery into. Combine that with the failure method of burning down and perhaps leaving you at full speed with no brakes, and it’s very important the battery is made correctly.


Hes got the right idea though. Its just the execution that needs refining.


Thanks, yea I’ve all ready fallen off at 30+ got a healmet coming, in going to re make it , now , I’ve only got round fish paper , what will you use to isolate the sides of the negative instead of electrical tape


It is not that bad actually. The welds look a little cold and there is no fish paper between p-groups but I have seen way worse by “professionals”.


Thanks for the kind words


There is my good deed for the day lol


Thank you , what do you need by cold , IM probably going to remake it , and maybe fine some milk Bootle to isolate the p


fish paper from


Where are you located?


England man,