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Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


No, that is not good for that. Keep that off of there


I have the unity. I’m currently working w @JLabs to get this resolved.


Let us know what happens, your findings may help others also.


Will do. I’m always willing to pay it forward. You dudes helped me out a lot.


Dudettes as well. Not trying to single you ladies out :sweat_smile:


Thanks man , just wondering, as a protector :yum:


Just protection really :joy:


If you want waterproof and protection, there are ways to do that, but WD-40 is not the way

MG Chemicals Acrylic Conformal Coating (in the 55ml brush-on bottle) on any heatsinks and motor sensor boards and windings
MG Chemicals Modified Silicone Conformal Coating (in the 55ml brush-on bottle) on everything else, like the circuit boards and stuff

That will make it waterproof. (which is different from water-resistant)


Thanks man , also it was not normal wd40 just ment to clean and ehenhance connection, don’t worry in not gonna use it


Based on the video, it looks like the controller loses sync with the motor. Does it also respond that way if you go from part-throttle to full-throttle, or only from stop? Also, are you running sensors? It might be worth it to redo your calibration if so.

I had something similar with two ESCs over canbus, the slave would stutter a little. I seem to remember that copying the exact config of the master over to the slave and then changing only the couple parameters (enumeration etc) that were required, fixed it for me.


:arrow_up: that, and the answer to this is important to proceed


No, it doesn’t do it when partially throttle to full. I have recalibrated a few times unless I’m doing wrong. I have the unity so no slave.

What would be those parameters?

I plan on swapping the motors to see if it still does it to rule out the motor. It could be the unity itself.


You only need to swap the wires. In fact, not moving them is important too. What if it’s the motor mount or something? I don’t think it is, but you’ll glean more information if you only swap the wires


Swap the phase or sensor wires?


Both of them. Then see if the opposite motor does that, the opposite motor does something else, the same motor does that, the same motor does something else, or the problem is gone.

That way you can begin to narrow down what is wrong.


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That’s not good, please do more research


Do you want to burn down your house and have your family suffocate from chemical fumes?


What’s wrong