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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!


Hello try, esk8 calculator online


NM. Googled it. Thank


Just divide the Ah of your battery by the amps of the charger. So a 8Ah battery charges in 4 hours with a 2A charger and within 2 hours with 4A charger.




3ah x 4(4p) =12ah

12ah / 8amps
1.5 hrs.

Correct math?


Are you charging at 8A?


Exactly :ok_hand:

1.5 hours is a great charging time for 12 Ah.
This are the specs of 30Q


A 4p pack you could even charge with 16A within 45 minutes :laughing:



10 char char char


Yup, I figured but wanted to stay “conservative”.


I thought I’m conservative with my 3A and 4A chargers :rofl:
I need more amps…


Well. I have 2 4amp chargers and 1 8amp.

I don’t charge 8amps all the time. Haha


Then you don’t need it and better send it to me


LOL. Nice try. :joy:


Which charge port do you use with 8A?


If I ever get a 16amp charger, I’ll send this to you. Haha


This small hole.


Haha great! I have exactly the same charge ports from aliexpress and was worried to charge above 4A. The seller says up to 12A but that sounds way too much. Such charge ports are often rated with 4-6A when looking at electronic stores. But on the other hand they sell 8A charger with this system.

I have no idea if it’s good but if it works for you it could work for me, too. :grin:


I bought the 8amp from @accrobrandon. He said it should be fine as long as you have a good gauge of wire and NOT use jht connector. Im using deans and added 15amp fuse on the positive wire charging port per @b264 recommendation.

Supa fast shipping. Legit.


yessir…and thx for the kudos… yeah 22ga would be on the line…but anything bigger is all good… and ghe connector is key as mentioned. lemme know how long yur full charge takes… its usually close to an hour for me from 20% at 8amps


@pookybear @rich @accrobrandon
I was also debating using the 5.5x2.1mm for 8A charging but they are all rated up to 5A except one which is rated at 7A (but requires the super-long barrel plugs, and I don’t want to change all ten chargers)

But I thought they’d probably work at 8A – especially if it wasn’t charged at 8A every single time, but only sometimes

Hearing this is confirming what I was thinking


well… i guess ill be the test subject… i only have 8amp chargers for sale…so thats what i own and use…every time… since sept…so far so good… i know kaly has those special ports that are long as hell… but no one else has em so…