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Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


Link? I will use this charger imax b6


It’s better to use a 12S charger and a BMS. But you can skip the BMS and use a 6S hobby charger like the imax B6 but I don’t recommend it.

I don’t like taking the skateboard apart every time I need to charge it.


Sorry for the slow reply still working out how to use this. I know it’s old but I’ve never had issues with that type of remote. It’s never got stuck and thrown me off the board. I widen the opening of the maytech remote thinking it was sticking to the top part of the case. That didn’t work. I’ve opened up the remote and see the lever mechanism is the issue. It sticks in full throttle and braking. Not good. Is there another type of remote I can use with that esc? Or do I go back and buy wowgo/ meepo esc which are slower but tried and tested by the hundreds. Thanks for your support.


@MasterSpoon here you go
Sorry @briman05 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I haven’t used the Maytech ESC, but as I remember it there are those three wires where you connect a reciever for the remote. So I assume that you should be able to use any remote reciever combination but actually the Maytech remote you are using is one of the more popular choices here. I would contact the seller too, as @b264 suggested and replace the remote with the apropriate one. Don’t cheap out on remotes it’s the most important interface to control your board. Actually the remote you linked stuck several times in my case and had drop out issues.



If you use the I max b6 Charger you will need about 3.5h to charge one 6s pack without balancing time. It’s not an issue, but some people get confused with the charger rating.
It’s not a 5A charger, it’s a 60w charger.
You need to take your nominal voltage which would be 22,2V and devide the Watts through it.
60w / 22,2v = 2,7A Maximum


Hey , my 42v charger ,onlg charges my pack to 39.6 volt is that normal


No, that’s not normal.


Oh no , what chould it be


If you can, measure the voltage on all of the 10 parallel packs individually.
If one of the packs is off with the voltage than you need to swap it out to a new one.
Probably one cell went bad I would guess.


Thanks I’ll try that


hey i have a 6374 170kv motor and a focbox unity i want to use an Male Female Bullet Brushless Motor Extension Lead but what is the size conector i needed?


That depends on your motor.
The unity has 3.5mm bullet connectors


my specs motor

  • KV : 170
  • Power: 2800w
  • Voltage: 24-36V
  • Install holes:30/44mm
  • Diameter:63mm
  • Lenght:70mm
  • Shaft: 10mm
  • Sensore/sensorless: sensorless


I mean you need to look which bullet connectors your motor use.


i dont have the motor yet


Hey im going to re weald and add fish paper , as it’s arived , I was just wondering , what way whould you weald them , this is 10 s 3p


Does anyone have the formula for how long it takes to charge a battery at a given amps?


Hello try, esk8 calculator online


NM. Googled it. Thank