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Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!



I would but I am powering the back wheel of a 3 wheeler, and I feel like it would be easiest to go with 1 really powerful motor over 2 strong ones. But if it comes down to it I’ll go with 2


For a trike you could always go with a bigger motor like the ones from alien power systems. The 80100 motors output 7,000 watts, which is plenty.
i haven’t tested these motors so I can’t vouch for their reliability. I Know that people use their slightly smaller motors for esk8 though.


Alien Power Systems has been delivering some bad quality lately in their bigger motors


I’ve just seen a maytech 6880 somewhere on here (no words thread maybe)… maytech make nice motors…


Yes they do, but the 6880 is nothing else than a 6374 with a bigger bell and an extra big bearing.
So you will not increase the power output with them.
But maytech sells 8085 motors, sealed and unsealed.


I skimmed through some of the older threads about these wheels. What I found was these have different offsets. Meaning some of the flywheel pulleys will not work on this.

Does anyone know which ones work?

Special thanks to @KaramQ for letting me grab these.


The only pulleys I know that will work are on thingiverse, linked from this thread


Cool thanks. I was just on that thread too

Getting my guy CNC it for me. Hopefully, it turns out.


You could also just modify some existing pulleys if you have access to machine shop metalworking tools. Get a regular aluminum pulley from someone like @JLabs and go to town modifying it.

The thing I suggest doing that is make sure you only grab wheel core and don’t grab polyurethane at all.


I’ll try to do that. I have some of @JLabs pulleys. I really like the modular way to change pulleys.


I’ve never modified for ABEC-style cores, but I have a tip from modifying ABEC pulleys to fit kegel style cores –

I intentionally put the bolts 1 degree too far on each side, so they really grip the core tight. So half the bolts are 1 degree too far forward on the rotation, and the other half are 1 degree too far rearward on the rotation. Really makes it so there is no slippage at all.


That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll see if I can draw one up.


If you end up designing it lmk, I got asked about this wheel yesterday


Will do.

Damn it 10char.


The stl files are good I guess but they are stl files. I’m not even sure why websites like thingiverse don’t force you to upload a step file.


So trying to do a heap of reading and research before jumping in too much.

Am I just looking in the wrong place or do lowish kv motors, like 50-60kv in something like a 6355 size not exist off the shelf ?
The idea of a direct drive setup seems really interesting to me but not sure I’m game to rewire a new motor from delta to star / wye and don’t really want to just re-purpose hub motors.


would a belt slip to the motor pulley side without flanges?


I have never seen low kv rating 6355 motors. generally those low kv ratings are hub style motors


I have that style on my racerstars and havent had that problem but I do have idlers on it so it keeps tension on it but not super tight tenshion.