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Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


so thats the problem, for some reason i thought the reciver was going funny


Was the HS11 more c h o n k y (wider***) than the HolyCarve? My feet are kinda large and I like having a deck that doesnt leave parts of my feet hanging off :confused:


you mean wider?

I believe the hs11/holypro is indeed wider than the carver decks by 1.5cm
they also sit lower to the ground which IMO is better on a pnuemetic setup


Ill be running an Eboosted enclosure so I want to keep some good distance between me and the ground… maybe a custom cross will be born :wink: :exploding_head:


Why don’t you look at Kaly nyc new deck. Improved on the trampa and its not a trampa. :sunglasses:


this is why


Its definitely wider than the trampa. Looks it anyway


How do you get all the muted threads to show up again?


Hey Guys, I’m new to this forum. How can I send a PM? Do I need a certain number of replies before I can send private messages? If so, how many?



Not sure of the exact number but yes, read time, days visited, etc will get you to be able to pm soon


Just lurk for a while and you’ll be good


Read everything you can on here for a few weeks and soon enough when the need arises, you will be able to PM and/or create a thread

It’s to keep China companies from spamming the forum.


Fair enough. Thanks guys!


So In the past, I was building a FrankenBoard (Previous Post), weirdly enough it worked perfectly. I had a Top speed of around 35km/h and a range of around 20km (The chain wasn’t aligned properly so it drew way more current to run than necessary).

I am currently working on a larger Trike using the same 12S5P Battery Pack I built out of Samsung30Q’s. I wanted some advice on whether or not this 800W motor would suffice and if I could still use my FOCBOX with it (It seems to have the sensor wires so it should work). BTW its only a trike in the sense that it has 3 wheels, it’s more like a Soap Box Cart with a 13inch back wheel and 2 8inch MBS front wheels.

Also I am open to any other motor suggestions, (Though I am trying to use a single powerful if possible, just for simplicity)

My goal is a Top speed of ~60km/h, range of ~40km with a 3:1 ratio.


It should work fine with the focbox, and should work even without the sensors if that ends up being a problem.
800w is a little low compared to esk8 motors, especially for $200+ and a 60km/h speed goal. But if that’s what you want to use, I don’t see an immediate problem.


I mainly chose it for its size and Torque, since I want to run a single motor and have it hit the goals I mentioned above. Think it will be alright?


Based on some quick and dirty calculation (I ran the numbers in an e-bike calculator), assuming you can match the rolling/wind resistance of a recumbent bike, it’ll be just barely able to hit 60km/h on level ground on full throttle. Take this with a pound of salt, I could have made a mistake and the numbers I got might be off significantly. But just an educated wild-ass guess, it’ll be a little underpowered and you’d be better off using a different motor.

Keep in mind that as long as you get your gear ratio correct, watts matter more than torque at the motor. 1000rpm and 9nm of torque is not better than 6000rpm and 5nm of torque. (960 watts, vs 3000.)


Thanks for the reply, any specific motor suggestions? (Ill be looking into more myself). There is also a 3kW varient here


I don’t think that would work one it doesn’t say the kv rating I would go with with sk8 6374 motor. But why not go with dual it will have better performance and better breaks.


I’d go with something like a 6374 or 6380. ~3kw output (give or take, depending on cooling, battery voltage, etc.)