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Noob question thread! ๐Ÿ˜€ ask your questions here!




Iโ€™m doing want to use that remote again as it jammed when braking. How about this. (attached pics) would that reciever work. Or do you know a SAFER remote that is compatible.


No I only lowetd the max current from what I read online ,I type faults and notify comes up in yes of faults


What do you mean?


Not absolute max , just the battery max to 45 because BMS is 45 , it word for like 5 miles then just cuts out , itโ€™s so strange , that is for your help


So youโ€™re battery/bms is rated for 45A max?


Not sure , just says 45a on it , Iโ€™ll send the link over

#4291, actually I think I set it to 35, not to sure


You canโ€™t set your battery max higher than what your bms is rated for. So your bms will cut the power once the current limit is exceededโ€ฆ You need to set it to 35A or lowerโ€ฆ


Ok thanks, I check with n the morning , itโ€™s strange how it worked for a while at first , do 35 or even lower, what should you do


I would set it to 30 to be on the safe side and check if it worksโ€ฆ


Thanks, itโ€™s definitely bloody fast :yum: ,I was bloody ,


Is it okay to have the loopkey between the P- point if the BMS and the connector that goes to the ESC?

Iโ€™d imagine as long as it disconnects the ESC but leaves the BMS/charge port/battery connected its good enough but Iโ€™m not 100% sure

Putting it anywhere else will waste a bunch of connections to make a series connector with the loopkey inbetween the BMS and ESC, or Iโ€™d have to redo all the connections on the BMS to get the loopkey on the correct side of the charging port positive line


Generally itโ€™s preferred to have the switching on the positive line where possible, but itโ€™s not absolutely mandatory. You should be okay.


Avoid this remote, itโ€™s old tech and has issues.
Is your thumb trigger stuck? Did you tried to screw your old remote it apart?


Absolutely correct old son. Good idea to fuse the charge port also. Most fires happen when charging lithium batteries. Fuse on the port cuts the connection.


The fuse wonโ€™t make a fire impossible but certain failures can be mitigated. Iโ€™ve personally accidentally shorted a charge jack, as have many other folks, and Iโ€™m pretty competent when it comes to that stuff. Sometimes youโ€™re in a hurry and just arenโ€™t thinking.


hello i, changed the vesc settings to 35a and it feels like it improved but problem still happens were it cuts out i can get like 40 meters . im thinking it may be the reciver but im not too sure any idias , 10s battery voltage is at 33.6v and cut of is at 30v


Go for 30a and try it again.


Your 10S battery is measuring 33.6V?

That means you need to charge the battery, it has like 0.5% left