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Noob question thread! ๐Ÿ˜€ ask your questions here!


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OK, cool thanks


Ok Iโ€™ll do that then. Itโ€™s just that 10$ + 10$ + 10$ I think Iโ€™m around 150$ of additional stuff.
I think Iโ€™ll go with soldering the wires directly together because I already see myself struggling more trying to solder the flat wires to those connectors than directly to the VESC wires.

Also it looks like I saw this was done already:

and it seemed to work soโ€ฆ

I am trying to build a 4wd e board and need help

Thatโ€™s not right.
Look at the picture you posted, than look at the blue marked spot here

You see the wires where soldered to the right side, not to the pins inside.


hey guys thanks so much for hgepling me out , ive been rideing my board in which is great long truch , board so fast but sadly my brother came on it and now it just cuts out not sure why any idias , i ty recnfigyreing the vesc but nothing, im colour blind but my freaind saw a red light when it cuts out


ive done alot od reserch but still donr know what chould it be , im sure the vesc is configgured correctley


Will an XT30 be enough for a charger?
Gonna use it at 50.4V 8A for one battery and 42V 2A for the other

In theory they can take 30A continuous and a 50V spark shouldnโ€™t be long enough to jump the leads


yes ย 


Is it work using XT90s anywhere else besides the loopkey?




I would not have two chargers in your house at different voltages (42V, 50.4V) with the same plug on the end. Use a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel plug for the 2A one


You can use XT90S anywhere you can use XT90, and the male plug are identical. The female XT90S has a resistor and a ring inside while the female XT90 does not


Bought using a maytech mtdu30a dual esc with their remote. How can I pair/bind my old wowgo/meepo/hobby wing remote to it as the maytech has failed.


When soldering on new wires on old motor wires how much heat is too much? I just tried soldering on a sacrificial motor and those puppies get HOT! Hot enough to melt the enamel? Not sureโ€ฆ But considering I want to shorten the original โ€œsturdyโ€ cables and add longer extensions, I donโ€™t want to melt enamel at the statorโ€ฆ


The china stuff you canโ€™t pair new remotes to them. Only if they have a separate receiver and itโ€™s not built-in to the ESC. I would contact the seller


How do you find out if vesc is Brocken


What do you mean? Whatโ€™s not working?


Basically, when , I throttle , the board cuts out and stops working , it did work perfectly fine


Did you change any settings like the max current? You can connect your vesc to your computer and the click โ€œprint faultsโ€ in the vesc tool :slight_smile:


I think itโ€™s just โ€œfaultsโ€