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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!


Anyone know what kind of trucks these are? I’ve looked on the MBS site and can’t find them. They have 12mm shafts, (Thats all I know :laughing:) they were given to me and I plan on using them but the guy who gave them to me doesn’t know what model they are​:joy: and I need to know what model so I can get motor mounts. The mounts I’m using now won’t work.


Looks for me like the old matrix spring truck

@idea might have a motor mount for them.


Awesome, thanks and I’ll get ahold of @idea


Take it to your local machine shop and have them do it? It can be done with an endmill if you/they don’t have a broach set (which is the “correct” tool for the job.) If you were REALLY motivated you could do it with a set of files and/or a drill/dremel and appropriate bits.


How do you make a square hole with an end mill?


A 3mm keyway broach is about the only way to do that


YouTube is your friend
For example


You can’t. but you can make a half-circle and clean the remainder up with a file. Or you can make it shaped like this:


What black magic fuckery is this


Ja ja :joy::joy::joy:


Has anyone heard of or bought anything from ?


They have a set of nice dual motor mounts for the MBS matrix pro that’s pretty cheap but wanna make sure the site is legit


lol that’s @marcmt88 on the forum. yes hes legit. lol


Nice! Sorry, still new here, don’t know who’s who yet


No worries bud. I’m never mad to see someone look into a product before buying it


He is a nice guy I bought mounts from him. So I can vouch for him and he ships quickly so no complaints at all.


Hey guys,
huge noob question here.
Does this diagram works or is there an issue with anything (connectors, in/out side of the switch, etc.).

Plus I don’t have an XT90 female, can I solder directly my flat wires onto here on the XT90 parallel connector:


NOOO please… Either get a female one or unsolder the connector and solder the wires together…
Diagram looks good to me…


These are super cheap compared to other parts on a boards and can usually get on amazon for like 8-10 for a pack of them with prime.


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