Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!


Does anyone know how to lower the charge ouput?

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Unfortunately, I don’t know. Mine didn’t have any adjustments on it. Sorry


Late answer but both are possible, it depends on how much flex you like. For offroad I have a 16ply (I’m 74kg) and also a 14ply carver deck which is very flexy. Without bindings a 15ply seems good for you. If it’s too stiff the deck isn’t flat when you stand on it.


I know that @eboosted made a video about how to adjust the voltage.
Not 100%sure but I think it was the smaller blue poti which you need to turn.
Just take a multimeter and connect it to the output of the charger and measure the voltage.
Than turn the Poti a bit.
If voltage change you know it’s the right one.


That or if you’re not feeling spicy, find the schematics to it online and post that. Unless someone has that specific one and even had knowledge on the topic, it’s hard to just come in and know it unless that’s what you base your living on.


One of the balance charging wires broke… What should I do? Open the battery and try to solder it back?


Remove the heat shrink with a knife or small scissors, solder back the wire, enjoy!


I lowered the EOC voltage but soon after that the charger stopped charging, not working anymore.

Why do you need to lower EOC voltage? A few reasons are:

  1. Your bms is cutting power when battery is full and you brake
    Fix: bypass your bms for discharge

  2. You want to increase the lifespan of the battery.
    Fix: use the battery at it’s maximum capacity, the lifespan is already pretty high

  3. You want to lower a 12s to 10s charge
    Fix: get a new charger, no charger could go down that much


I was doin this with my 10s, only charging to 41.5 thinking this would increase lifespan of batteries. So your thinking it won’t matter if its charge less because the lifespan is still high ? Sorry for confused question but it’s cuz I wanted to do this with my 12s charger and somehow adjust it to only charge at 50v instead of 50.4v


I’ve been charging all my batteries at full charge and at extreme discharge rates and still none of them has shown a noticeable decrease in performance, even the Vanguard I’ve built 3 years ago, the hardware has aged more than the battery itself.


How do I test if my battery if the failing component ? Voltmeter on the way atm, can’t do much testing :confused: Opened it, checked the welds, there looked to be a little rust but wiped it out and all seems fine. I’m kinda scared to plug it back in and try to turn the board on though.


That was the reason.

I’ve set my VESC cut off end voltage to 34V (10s battery) because I heard it expands the life span a lot.

Do you know/think its actually true?


That is very high what is the start set too.


Sorry I meant “Voltage cutoff end” is 33.5V. Still very high. “Voltage cutoff start” is 34.5V


Got my first DIY almost done. Still waiting for the diebiems to arrive.

I am dying to ride it, I am planning to go without bms until it arrives.

What could go wrong?

Dual flipsky 6
2x 6374
10s4p Sony vtc6

Since this is custom battery I made for evolve gtx, I will charge it that way until bms arrive.


Nothing lol, i ride my board without BMS since months now, it will just be annoying to charge it if you don’t have an RC type lipo charger with balance.

I charge mine with this type of charger but I need to open my enclosure each time.
Ordered one bms from Hobbyking but it is still on his road to France.


Question…Is it okay o solder my Hub motor wires that connect to the esc?


It will work but DON’T DO IT.

Much better to use banana plug or something other but don’t solder them, it would be pure mess after that if you want to work on the board or even to change your drive system.


You could still drop it down a bit like 33 and 32


Wouldn’t recommend that with li ion mate. Different with lipos because you can balance them with the charger. Unless you have perfectly matched cells then you could potentially cause damage and even a fire. Not worth the risk imo. If you charge it without the protection of a bms then do it outside.