Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!

The wait just makes you anticipate it even more


It’s ok. I have a working deck. I can wait.

Have it sent directly to @sender so it atleast takes the shipping time out to you and then from you to sender.

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Yep, that’s the plan. Just waiting on Mr. Redember himself to reply.

Question: is there a remote with thumb trigger that has a channel 2 button?

like the Nano X, but with a button that works without being held down for 5 seconds

I’m sure there is a mod for the mini out there somewhere. @b264 any ideas Brian?

nvm found one

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This one has a channel 2 wheel

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Can I run the focbox unity at 120a battery current and 70a for one Motor I have two motors I that safe to use.

  • 160A Continuous System Current
  • 80A Continuous Motor Current
  • 300A Max Current

Straight off the enertion website. Seriously, you should at least read the info about the parts you intend to use.

The noob question thread is not a substitute for baseline thought and critical thinking. RTFM.


I’m thinking of getting a loaded Vanguard Flex 3 deck. Is there a better board below $180? I want a board that is comfortable for medium to fast city riding. I don’t want to worry about small bumps. I’m 70kg(150lbs).

The bamboo in loaded boards will help take some of the vibration out of your feet as it is more flexible than the maple of other boards. But it also depends on the wheels you are using. Bigger the wheels the less bumps will effect your ride.

100mm wheels. Is there any other board that I should consider with the similar characteristics?

LY Evo are nice


anybody know of any good remotes with multiple speed modes?

There are plenty you just have to research. Alot of the remotes have them. This one used in this link has 2

Hello, does anyone know what is the belt size I should use with evolve supercarve trucks, unik boards compatible mount and unikboards 6374 motors 15T with evolve 66T pulley.

I got the belts for 107mm but I would like to try evolve AT wheels that I have from my last board.



I have a bamboo deck ( Loaded Vanguard flex 3) . I’m thinking of Drilling a hole to run a flat copper wire from the battery casing to the top of the deck and then run it under the grip tape to reach the VESC case on the other side of the deck. To have the copper wire flushed to the board, I’d need to carve a thin path along the board. Should I be worried about the board durability?

i am absolutely no expert, but i know that boosted board is doing it that way. Iirc the youtube channel β€œWhats Inside” cut a boosted open. Maybe you can copy from them

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Mini remote doesn’t have multiple speed modes – and I wouldn’t want it to – but you can use a third-party addon like the @Ackmaniac smartphone β€œapp” to switch between speed modes.

This is better done in ESC software than in a controller.

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