Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


China have shipped them out?


Wow that looks fantastic


They Ship today and quicker to you but I think a week to me. Someone hopefully gets one immediately and pulls me from my holiday financial hole

200$ with two Paris 195 trucks and 4 centrax including USA shipping
Or 125$ for just the deck

PayPal to


Those centrax are exceptional by all accounts… If only shipping and taxes weren’t such a pain in the arse…


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I’m more than happy to take those trucks and wheels. I already have one deck ordered. Let me know.


I will pick up another deck, 4 centraxes and trucks.


Great. Any of u who want to get stuff just paypal me the money and we can figure the details just before they get here. I’ve been pretty good on getting boards out quickly so a week for them to ship to me and maybe 2 days to get to you in USA


Great, I can pay you soon, Im on vacation till the 30th. If you need it before I will try to figure someting out.



PM sent.


Just sent money for another one! Thank you for doing this!


Trying to talk my buddy into a hummie deck. Hes planning his first build. Isn’t on the site yet.
He wants to press his own (he won’t lol)
Hopefully there’s one left when he finally realizes he’s to lazy to press a deck


I used to press decks. What a rediculous expensive pile of work for what wasn’t very nicely done

These decks have shown really good so far with no delaminating and a good feel w slight flex yet covering the majority of the electronics. In my experience with a deck that completely contains the electronics, and thicker, it gets too rigid and stiff. If it rides like ur on a log or an aluminum truss structure it hugely takes from the experience


Yep, they just work!


No they don’t. my board doesn’t grow how ever much I watered and fertilized it.


You have to water it with Jameson and fertilize it with the blood of your enenies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s why yours is hazardous. And you got yellow tape all over it.


The yellow tape is so I can see it in the dark, it’s a sneaky bastard :grinning:


I show off ur board pic @mmaner and say I’ll be making pretty much the same.

Want to get back on a board n get riding again w these done motors. (5 watts draw at 7000erpm, so maybe see what urs is and compare against other bearings. The motors are practically identical except for the bearings) , but now hiking trails w someone’s baby strapped to my back


Im definitely tempted to get a second one just for myself.
Can’t justify it atm tho. Love mine