Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


Not really. I wait with the rest of u. Be maybe two weeks I think


So ummm. Is it safe to order batteries now or wait until you get them? I didn’t want to order and have it sit for a few weeks. I’m trying to time it to when the deck gets delivered to me, I’ll have the batteries ready.

Thank you for doing this!


Can’t say anything for certain about a date sorry.


Batteries can sit for years w almost no loss


Good to know. Thanks.


Is it too late to get in on round 4?


nope. youre in! as soon as you paypal me the bucks


They say next week they’ll ship.


Any chance I can get in round 4? If so, I’ll paypal you ASAP.


Yea I got extra.
PayPal (prefer friend and fam)

And wait till next week


Sweet! Payment sent.


Any updates?


@bigben are you still making enclosures for these?


@mikenyc Yes. Many different varieties!


nice, what are the options?

i forget, is this the one that has the big cut out, or does this have the spine? @Hummie


They wrote saying almost done. The double hole I have already.

If anyone wants one it’s 125$ by PayPal to humminashadeeba@gmail and that includes USA shipping.


Single stack without wire channels. Gloss or satin.
Single stack with channels. Satin.
Double stack with wire channels satin.
Work in progress is a double stack with wire channels at each end suites to 4x4.


Are there pics that show the textures and the channels? I’ll probably get a single stack



That matt enclosure looks nice…to go with the matt carbon top. that’s what they are. surprise. surprised myself. I think it looks nice. will ship today. have some left in usa

Hummie's wood carbon decks imported into the UK/EU (Completed) Poll for new batch?