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New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


Before the reinforcement, it was definitely going to crack.

Should be good now!

Just added the last coats of clear!


So this is a project for @Mikenopolis? Looks great.


Indeed it is!


Or it could be for you, if you send me a deck to work on :wink:!


I luv it. I’m more of a boobs guy yet those skulls are really cool.


Well thanks for that. I now imagine the deck all boobs.
The triple kind.


I never stood on it and tested it and assumed it would be good still if not a bit more flexible and that’s it. If you’d said something sooner it would’ve been easy to solve. I’ll take it back in it’s present used state and send you another!!! Happily.


Why just skulls? I’d like to see a complete goregasm of severed voluptuous women. I don’t want to see any naked penises.


oh I have no problem with it because I know we have wonderful people like Tim that would make it stronger, just didn’t know you actually saw the CF layer being taken away. I thought you didn’t notice it. Chinese factory mess up is always expected. I decided to cut out the sides a bit and that’s when I no longer trusted it with my fat a$$ on it.

There was a zombie fabric that looked cool. I think I was more intrigues with skull because of how it looks on Joe/SoCalLegend’s hydrodipped deck


I didn’t see it being taken away, I mean wasn’t at the mill, but saw missing and cut through. Coulda swapped it no prob if you’d asked. I wish I did stand on it and feel what it was like.


I didn’t see a need for swapping, just needed to get some beef from Tim to bulk up.

I do wonder what the workers were thinking when making these.


That sure is tempting. I didn’t know you were taking requests. :thinking:


Get in line dude. I already got a deck heading his way. Do it.


Wtf, there’s a line?! Lol. @Sender is gonna need his own modded deck thread soon. I only have one kid under 5 at home, and don’t accomplish half of what he does. Kind of inspiring, but also kind of disappointing.


So is round 4 officially sold out? If yes, any thoughts on a round 5? :money_mouth_face:


Should be more. Still haven’t come yet


Ill take an extra if everyone that wants one gets one.


Man. Wouldn’t it be nice to get this deck by Christmas? Oh the agony of waiting.

C’mon santa. Work your magic. Haha


Money sent! Let’s goooooo!!!


Any updates?