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New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


Hummie Deck with a twist. These decks are sick!!!


That does look so nice. Any more pics. And then the hidden carbon stain awesomeness comes through years of abuse later. :clap:


I have a few, lol.

They aren’t in order, because you have to upload one at a time and I am impatient. I also put in a layer of fiberglass in then cut out for reinforcement.


U got the one with carbon all cut out :no_mouth:. Perfect for your fiberglass.


So fucking beautiful brother …loving the custom


Damn and I though @mmaner had the best and now I want the hazard board with a corner of blue skulls!!! Green n grey wheels as well. Overwhelming. They will all stare


How durable is the hydro dip?


It isn’t hydro dip. I skin it in fabric and epoxy and add glass frit.


Does it add much strength?


For sure! Not quite as much as true fiberglass or CF, but it absolutely adds some strength!


Is it a special fabric that is ironed on, did I miss ur write up? :laughing:


I haven’t written it all up yet.

Not an Iron on by any means. I just iron out the fabric to remove wrinkles.


great work but fuuuuk, so much effort…


Definitely a lot of effort.

But I think it is rewarding. And I am getting better and faster.

And the effort and time comes in bursts. 15 min here, wait to cure, 20 minutes there, wait to cure. Sand when I can.

It’s not really something you can just crank out.

I have 3 kids in the house under 5 and my wife works weekends, so it all works out really well.

“Sweet, the kids are asleep, I am going to add epoxy”


“Nice, they are watching a show, I’ll get a few minutes of sanding in”


Im not buying it bud.

It’s more like “sweet the kids are having a nap (phone auto corrected that to anal :joy:) I’ll get 5 mins of sanding in”

Walk down the hallway, turn around to get your stuff ready, turn back and there’s two children on top of the deck, smearing epoxy on each other with 12 toys glued to their bodies and your wife is in the doorway with those judgmental eyes, just judging you all the way down to your soul.

And one of them has shat.


Of course that is what happens half the time!


lol that’s why 5 minutes… is 5 minutes! maximizing time!


Yup! 5 minutes here and there on a project like this gets it done!


ROFL, omg you should be a comedian :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to have that in my hands!!!

you knew about it?!?!?! That milled out CF layer is why I asked @Sender to reinforce it for me, he went over the top with adding a design on it! I’m pretty sure I would eventually break the deck the way that deck came