Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


I believe Hummie has covered the shortfall for the US decks to make the minimum order. There should be more than enough.
25 to the US and 25 to the UK


Yea you’re in if you’re alive and paypal me the bucks.


Making the trucks flat with the deck


I wanna do the same. Looks great


Not hard with a dremel, but doing one side only already ruined my bits, the carbon fiber is really abrasive, you can see on the right side that there are lots of burns


Iv got SR trucks and the base plate is much more shapely…
I would try with my dremel otherwise.


I encourage you do do it anyway, I did all freehand using a 3D printed router attachment, just put the truck, mark the contour and go really slow, also do in multiple depth steps


Awesome idea, I will prob go deep enough for small riser pad. Help with vibrations


@hummie can you ask the to route out for Paris mount with 1/8" riser pad for vibration? Since it will also fit caliber II.


Yeah @Hummie can you ask the people making the boards if they can make a small cutout like above for the people that want this done? If so would it be extra, how much? Thanks


The deal is done sorry. The confusion that would come would be intense. You’re on your own for that this time.


I agree with Jimmie. any custom work needed People please do it yourself! Changes will cause confusion, delays and other risk. I want my board as soon as possible.


Announcement: what do you think if this?

Would people be interested in Hummie deck with modular bolt on cell holders with additional Electronics compartment piece? It is a Hummie Deck combo so basically the “@hummie complete” without the drive train and/or electronics.

It will be the double cutout deck with 6 piece 2s4p cell holder segments and a 1 piece enclosured electronics compartment segment. There would be option for blank electronics compartment or a custom one with selected electronics. Pieces will be silicone casted.

Details and price will be polished out soon. I need to discuss with @hummie as he’s not good at pricing his products.

Hummie Deck Full Kit?

(Someone give it a better name)
  • Modules only please (if you already bought a double cutout)
  • Interesting keep me posted
  • Broke from Black Friday but will start saving

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I received a double cutout from hummie, didn’t find anyone that could make a good enclosure until @Pedrodemio help me into making an specific 3D file for the double cutout.

And I have to say it fits perfectly !

Thanks again.


And trump and China patched up trump’s melting mind and they won’t be doing 25% import tariffs.


What about 10S5P?


Could someone with a Hummie deck measure the dropped area of the deck for me, trying to pin down a design but need some dimensions for when my deck comes in.


24" long x 6 1/2" wide x 5/8" deep

From psycotillers website.


That’s the enclosure size but I’m looking for the physical board drop dimensions I believe it’s 10 - 10.5" X 30ish but I’m not certain. I looked back through the posts but didn’t see the dimensions listed other than overall length of 40".


I’ll put up the google form to fill out when they’re getting closer. I’ll have more in Usa and Ben in uk too