Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


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I haven’t seen pookybears enclosure


Google form filled out. I assume to PayPal the payment now or wait until we get all 50?

Either way it doesn’t matter to me.


LOL I’m baked I read that wrong



How many decks are left and who is the manufacturer?


youd like to know the manufacturer? im not telling but they said people were trying to get them direct and they said they wont sell to anyone else:laughing: I think they might change their mind if you bought enough though.

I think we’re pretty close to getting there. @bigben might pull through. got mail confirming price and seems good.


I might be able to pick up a few more, i just need to know how much more we need to get to complete thr buy


I think like 3 more. assuming ben does 25.


Ok, Ill wait for big ben to decide and if anyone else gets one then ill get the extra if necessary.


Payment sent. Confirm please.


I’ll get one extra if needed also.


I would be interested in one, any idea on a time frame for shipping?


Depends on how many more we need to buy for them to start making them. Should be before the end of december or really early january.



Can you confirm you got @pookybear order and how many more are left so I can buy one or two more. And am I correct when I said the decks should be here if we finish orders soon by late december or early january?


Sending payment momentarily. Hopefully there’s word we got to the 50 soon. That way I buy an enclosure on Black Friday !


We might only need 40


I’ll send my payment in the am


Couldn’t resist. Money sent.


Ok surely we have money if @bigben goes in. If u paid assume the best and it’ll be I think just over a month. But we still need more people so really if you want one send the bucks paypal n you’re in and wait with us. And we hope for no tarriff. But they undervalue everything from China it seems it’s rediculous. So even if we did get hit , which didn’t happen last time and should’ve, it won’t be near actually 25%.


I just send the money. Hope we get enough peeps for this to happen.