Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


Definitely get a bigben enclosure. They are worth it.


How many more do you need?


I just filled out the spreadsheet, can you have mine sent to @bigben please and Ill sort it out from there.

Do you want money now or later.


We’re like 20 decks away from 50 unfortunately. It’s looking like I might be having to refund everyone and try again maybe another time. I can’t get many this time. It will be a great deal looooooooooooööōst. See what happens another day.


How much does it cost per board if we only buy 30 as a group?


Not an option with the manufacturer

Wish someone would buy ten or twenty. It would be a cheaper price as shipping is like 20% from me on with one board. Be like 110 each.

Actually let me do the math again n see maybe can sell them all cheaper. I did before but shipping cross country w insurance was like 35$.


I’d be in for one


Fill in the form a couple posts above and hopefully we can get there.


Give me a shout before you drop it completely. Let’s see what we can do.


I sign the form, do i have to send the money for me to count in?


did you count me on the EU group ?


Yep, on the list.


Did you see my post to get mine sent to you?
I would also be after an enclosure mounted and then the lot sent to me, I’ll fix up shipping once you have it.

Also do you have different enclosures ir just the one thatis a few posts up?


Here’s the link to the Uk/Eu group buy.
Not a problem.


Who’s the manufacturer?


How many are we at? I might be able to pick up a couple more and keep them in my garage untill someone wants one of them on the forum.


@venom121212 was looking for one of these.
This is the place to sign up. (Unless you’re Eu or UK then give me a shout)


Is this the board only or does it come with an enclosure? I’m getting a bit confused. I’d be interested in one w enclosure.


No it does not come with an enclosure but if you live im europe you can get a one through @bigben nd if you live in the states you can get one from @psychotiller.



Awesome. Thanks.

Now to look for that evasive Google form. :sweat_smile: