Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


Lets do this thing. I’m good for 20.
Roll up roll up and lets roll out.



@Hummie how many have been purchased and when do you think we are going to get them by?


Is there any possibility of getting some sent direct to Australia from the factory so we dont get hit by extra shipping/tariffs?


They do big production and don’t think they will split it to Australia too but will see. Just getting them shipping to eu as well is an exception


What’s the count at now?


Only 25 at this point including me.


25 more! i heard @dougpage wanted that many or something. :smiley:


Is that including me?


Yup. I can’t put much in this time.


looks like we dont have enough to rally?


What about a shoutout on the facebook pages? Or is everyone on here anyway?


There’s a Facebook page?


If we can get to 40 in the next couple days we can do it and I’ll get the ten others when they’re ready to ship and they said could pay for them then


Only for the young chaps…


If someone could tell me the dimensions of where you stand, I would probably be in.

I know its 10 inches wide, but how long is it from foot pocket to foot pocket.


675mm ish. That’s the drop to drop distance.


@Winfly, Cheers,

@Hummie, I’ll have to check my current board, which is a bit short feeling, when I get home.
If your board has a longer platform I’ll be in.


I’m in.
@bigben, what would shipping be from you to Australia for one board with an enclosure?


Shipping can be done for £30. It’s a cheaper option and insurance would probably be for £50. More insurance could be bought for a few pounds.