Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


I can ship one for £31.
Thats priced to have the weight of an enclosure and plenty of packing.
Deck £100, enclosure £45


@bigben sounds great im definetely keen for the enclosure aswell im probably looking for a full notch cutout as i plan to install a enertion unity focbox. Let me know where i can send the money and lets make this happen


@bigben can you link me to a pic of your enclosures aswell. Im at work atm & dont have time to find them


There’s a few on here.

See what takes your fancy.


gonna be a single stack battery so the low profile one looks good to me. Sending you a PM now


@bigben I’ve pmed you. Let me know how you want to sort out payment


Ok I fucked up. Seems there’s 29 orders for the deck on the google doc and I only have 25 of the single hole that just came. I didn’t realize how fast they all sold this time. I packed 2/3 yesterday and should get them to the po today after work and can get the rest out tomorrow but if any of u are willing to either get the two hole deck, I have a bunch and could send those, or wait another maybe two months…or I’ll have to send bucks back to the last people on the list. Sorry! I’ll write the last people on the list tonight and see what you want to do.


I thought you were having trouble moving the decks and bigben swooped in for the save. wth?


Needed to order 50 to get them made so I put up the bucks for the 25 anf got Ben to do the same and then started the google form. In the past I’d sell maybe half by the time they came. Out of nowhere 29 ordered. Sorry I wasn’t thinking possible.


I bought 2 so you can give my second deck to someone and just ship out another during the next single cutout group buy.


thanks Doug! I’ll send you extra crap in the box!


Hummie, not to complain, I love my deck, but you definitely need a better system to track who ordered the things you sell so things like that don’t happen

I know you do that because you just want as much people to get the cool things you make, but it will help you and the people that want to buy



I bought two. I can give up one as well and wait for the next batch. Let me know @Hummie


Really all I had to do was check the google form a couple days ago. Hadn’t looked once and assumed 25 decks coming would be enough. Not the best way to run a business but the boards rock and price is great.

Thanks @pookybear when back from work I’ll refund n get them out.



You don’t need to refund me. If you plan on doing another batch, sign me up on that. We’ll call it even. This makes things easier.


Shame, I’ve probably got about 15 decks here!




Definitely will do another batch @pookybear n get u on that form.


I say that we see a lot of people not knowing it they are on the list and etc

Someway to integrate the PayPal with a list of buyers, when I bought it you refunded me on PayPal since you didn’t know where to send or something like that and I only saw one and half months latter

I think there are some e-shops that are easy to setup


I’ll post up the details tonight n won’t be an issue with almost anyone but in the future will figure something better