Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


I love these decks just wish they came unfinished without the carbon.


I don’t remember if I filled out google doc as it was a little bit ago. I can do it again when you repost :slight_smile:


Would get one if a sale of mine gets through, damn hummie is just extracting money from me. That he dosdent take much out of lol


I want another one. That flat look is great.


I am used to paying the extra shipping, so should I paypal you the $125 and cover the shipping when you know how much? Thanks so much!


It’s raining n I’m tired. Ship them tomorrow. @Dmaxx what’s ur zip n I’ll figure the shipping cost.


Do I need to fill out the form again ? I paid back in the beginning.


Yeah i has paid also. Do you still have my name


If u already did the form u don’t have to do it again. I’ll post names n traacking numbers tomorrow night


Thanks @Hummie, zip code is 96749


Hi, looking at Hummie deck for my build.
Does anyone have any side by side pics against some 37 inch boards, eg boosted.
I can fit a boosted in the boot of my car, saw a pic of Hummie next to a boosted and it looked much longer.
I will probably be using rear mounted motors.


It is a lot longer.

That is next to a haya deck.

Haven’t had any complaints.


@sayekim Thanks for the pics

Does look a lot longer than a 37 board.
Anyone managed to front mount motors ?


Here is a direct comparison, I hope this helps.


Hey @Hummie any shipping update ?


Monday!!! For sure


Hey @Hummie have you ever shipped one of these decks out to Australia before? just wondering what sort of price id be looking at?


Have. It’s a pain n I forgetvthe price now and don’t think I have any extra sorry.


bummer if youd be willing to ship one again on your next batch id be very keen. May be easier to get it sent directly from china?


@bigben might have some