Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


Flat a 12s5p will fit in the deck cutout but thats about all. No bms or esc. You would have to go double stack, and would be worth fitting in a 12s6p if you were going double. I don’t know that the arc does the double stack but I think he does another one that can be made to fit. Otherwise @JLabs should be getting some of my enclosures soon. (double and single)


I know it is late in the game, but are there any extra decks in this order @Hummie?




But seriously, there should be a few extra ordered for just these cases like yours or for us who are a bit greedy and wanna hog them all.


I would say, pay the man quick. Because i’m Considering buying another one as soon as money free up.


I bought an extra one, so if you don’t get one from @Hummie then you can pay me for mine.


Aw hell yeah @Doug page, I’ve been super busy the last 3 months clearing my acre in hawaii to make an off grid homestead. I would have been at the front of the line otherwise :call_me_hand::sunglasses:


I have some. If u PayPal me it will happen. But if ur in Hawaii the shipping is surly more and you’ll have to pay the extra.
. Unfortunately the estimated arrival got changed to Monday.


Oh no! I’m still very excited. The deck should be here in perfect time for my battery.


Should be able to finish making my board tomorrow too n ship these out.


That’s the hotness right there!.. Can’t wait. Thanks for setting this all up!


How many did you receive? On the EU group buy thread I thought you said the decks come Monday? Is that half of the order?


Decks look bomb!


Yyyyaaaassss! Finally. Woohoo


Likes all round. So they came n you’ll be pressing up on them in a couple days. Get your name on the google doc if u paid me. The shipping said later. I’m sure have extra. Don’t know how many are sold but I got 25. We needed to get to 50 n Ben got 25


Can you confirm my name is on the list for 2 and one set of trucks and 4 centraxes, I payed you but I’m not sure if I put my name down for both, thanks for this again, you are the man


Just to save you guys the struggle


For me easiest if u put anything u want to tell me on the google doc and I’ll post it again here in a min. One place. So I think u need to do a new complete entry but just skip through.


Paid before Christmas but don’t think I ever put my name on your list. I got on the list just in case!


Pretty sure I filled out the form. Definitely paid.