Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 4 $125 (Shipped US)


ive been riding this board for a while now and I’ve sold it to a couple of people in person at the skate meetup in san francisco. I keep changing the design slightly and what I want to get made is a bit different than both of these and seeing if people here are interested and I can get the 8 pieces minimum order

what we would get is very similar to this black bottom one in that it has a sligthly more square shape than the older natural wood color on bottom. the only difference from the all black will be …not all black and instead the natural colored side, with dark stained wood every other layer. And it will have one more layer of wood and the dark stained wood on bottom instead of this last layer of bamboo. So it’s carbon top and another carbon layer two wood layers lower. then all Canadian maple, natural and dark stained alternating, and the dark stained bottom, with one more layer of wood than the black one, and a single layer of bamboo in there too which I like
the hole is 140mm wide by 590 by 15mm deep.

i want what I want as nitpicky as it is samples made which I cant afford right now. they cost me 110 each and I’ll give it to you for 130 because I have to pack and ship. you pay shipping though

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Challenge you to find any product anywhere with less than a 20% markup from manufacturing cost. How much time you think it will take me to find cardboard and packing material and sit around the post office? how much you think that works out to at an hourly rate or how many hours you think I spent getting these made to begin with. you cant even get a 40" board with this much wood and carbon anywhere near this price and this has been cnc milled with a curve.


What is the length and wheelbase and are you located in SF?


I’m in san Francisco. if you come and get it I’ll sell it for 120$. money is not what the game is. the board is 40" end to end and 10" wide. the wheelbase…I guess that would depend on your truck angle or something.


You made you point, move along



I think you were looking for a deck ?


Can I have the black one?

Have to see if I can arrange to come get it, this weekend…


thanks for lookin’ out!

this might work, it could take a two-stack pack without making the enclosure too tall…

@Hummie i know it’s physically possible, but would you advise for or against that, a 2 cell high pack? i wanna get a 12s5p in there.


this black bottomed one in the pic is mine that I use now and not selling but the new coming will be stained black every other wood layer and black on the bottom as well still.
@ deckoz I get your point about the wording and that’s fair but no slack on the cost please as it’s practically a giveaway…you come get it yourself and I charge you ten bucks.

@thisguyhere I plan to do 12s4p and two vescs and that will just fit one layer deep snuggly. Another p group you would have to stack as you say. 15mm deep hole. my advice…I like the 4p that just fits


How is the wheel clearance with the drop through while running larger 97 or 107mm wheels?

I have recently learned somethings I thought would work with drop through trucks while running these bigger wheel setups get way more bite than I would have anticipated. I feel like sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell just in pictures. Or maybe I don’t have a good enough eye for it yet. Probably the latter.


Pm me I’m intrested


Not interested…unless there’s a perfectly fitted enclosure that takes advantage of the milled out space :wink:

What’s with penny pinchers these days? People and businesses live to make profit. If my employers can do what I do they would save a hell of a lot of money.


Ok I get it now…

I thought the two pictured were for sale.

Put me down for one then. And I would likely just have you send it unless I can come up with a second good reason to burn a tank of petrol.


these wheels I use and in the pics are 83mm diameter center set abec11 centrax on 195 paris v2 trucks and I’m 155 and have gotten them to rub the board once when super loose and trying to while unpowered. I bet you’d be good though considering these are center set and they’re pushed far in but I cant say for sure. you could always sand the ends a bit…customize. diy.

@willpark16 and @Idle great.
anyone else? if 5 more people join I can order.

PRICES SLASHED TO …120$ EACH. everyone at 120$ this isn’t a business here so much as a group buy. I want that board and then maybe down the road I will sell it with motors complete
@Mikenopolis getting the kydex mold done for this would be easy. I can do that. I will have to do that to get it going myself.


$200 with enclosure? Am I crazy? It’s ok if I am :stuck_out_tongue:


I can make you an enclose and do it at 200$ for sure but rather keep things in the present, you get the board at 120 and we talk about enclosure later when it comes in like a month. this board maker is on time unlike just about every other!


My pack is 35mm thick, if you can include an enclosure (addition cost obviously) perfectly fitted to that deck then count me in!


ill do it but like I was saying to scepterr lets wait on that and just do the 120 now and figure the enclosure later. sure I can do it but not now


Add me to the list of buyers. I’ll hunt you down for enclosure after you form them


great. 4 more people? I"ll check in tomorrow morning and hopefully we can order tomorrow night.

paypal to the 120$ as friends and fam and I can just count people that way. And write a note with your name on it. we hopefully can get the other buyers and can get it done by tomorrow night